Sunday 18 December 2016

2000 AD - November 1978.

Having scoured the internet, I can only conclude that little that was good was happening on the planet Earth in November of 1978. Clearly, we could only hope that a certain comic could whisk us off into space and far away from such terrestrial cares.

I do know that something quite odd and mysterious was about to happen in the world of the galaxy's greatest comic.

But will there be any signs of it in this month's issues?

Not that I can see.

But I do want to know what the Preying Mantis Cutaway is that Prog 89 promises us. Is it a story? Is it a free gift? Is it a big drawing that we can pull free of the staples and hang upon our walls? What? What? What? What can it be?

Regardless of that concern, it's always nice to see Walter the Wobot on the cover. I have a suspicion that the issue may see the start of the Judge Cal storyline that so resembled my own dear home life. But don't quote me on that, as I may be completely wrong and I have no evidence to back up my theory.

Prog 90; "They feared his shadow throughout the galaxy!" That must be one hell of a shadow.

2000 AD, Prog 89, Judge Dredd

2000 AD, Prog 90, Strontium Dog

2000 AD, Prog 91, Ro-Busters

2000 AD, Prog 92, Tharg


Anonymous said...

Yaaaggh!! No! Leave me alone, Tharg!


Steve W. said...

Tharg is indeed looking rather sinister on that cover. It does make you wonder just what his motivations for coming to Earth are. I just hope Dr Who's around to stop him.