Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Marvel Lucky Bag - December 1978.

Hark? Do you hear it? As you negotiate the breakers of Nostalgia? The dread siren call that can only be the Marvel Lucky Bag, demanding you hoist your main sails and investigate once more what was happening in some of Marvel's less high-profile books of forty years ago?

Avengers Annual #8

I really don't have a clue what's going on in this one, other than that it seems to have a zillion and one guest stars.

It also seems to feature a female version of Dr Spectrum.

This tips me off that the tale is likely to feature the Squadron Sinister, to some degree or other.

Given the propensity for the Squadron Supreme to also show up in The Avengers, it does raise the question of whether the Squadron Supreme have ever fought the Squadron Sinister and, if they have, just how did everyone in the fight avoid becoming totally confused as to whose side who was on?

Defenders #66, the Valkyrie goes to Asgard

It's taken a long time but the Valkyrie finally visits Asgard.

Apparently, she's there to fight Ollerus the Unmerciful.

I don't have a clue who he is but I've no doubt he's nothing but trouble.

It would seem Hela and Harokin are also in this tale, so I assume a trip to the Afterlife is involved. Bearing in mind the Valkyrie is nominally a Valkyrie - even though she never really acts like one - this would make sense.

Godzilla #17

It's the story you thought you'd never see; Godzilla terrorised by Dum-Dum Dugan.

It's all thanks to SHIELD using Hank Pym's shrinking gas on him.

I does make you wonder why they've never used it on the Hulk. Wouldn't that make him a bit easier to contain?

Then again, doesn't Hank Pym retain his full strength when he shrinks down to ant size? Doesn't that mean a doll-sized Godzilla should also retain his own full strength as well?

Then again, if shrinking doesn't reduce Hank Pym's strength, how come growing to giant size increases his strength? In the name of consistency, shouldn't that also have no effect on his power levels?

Marvel Super Special, Jaws 2

It's the comic we've all been waiting for, as Marvel tackles Jaws 2, a film I still haven't seen, after all these years.

But does this mean we're also going to get an adaptation of Jaws 3-D? And, given that it's a tale meant to be seen in 3-D, does that mean it'll be a pop-up book?

Marvel Premiere #45, Man-Wolf

It's the development that only a complete and total  madman could have foreseen, as Man-Wolf's strip suddenly becomes a sword and sorcery series - in space.

Beyond that, I know nothing of the contents of this comic.

Can Man-Wolf speak and think in this series or is he still a bit stupid?

Marvel Preview #17, Blackmark

Speaking of spaceborne swordplay, Marvel Preview gives us a big fat slab of Gil Kane's Blackmark, a strip I remember fondly from the early days of Savage Sword of Conan.

What If #12, Rick Jones becomes the Hulk

It's the question we've all asked ourselves at some point in our lives; "What if Rick Jones had become the Hulk?"

Well, admittedly, I've never asked myself it. The question I've kept asking is, "Why doesn't Rick Jones go away?"

The concept of him becoming the Hulk was never something that occurred to me in my youth but I do believe it's now become a redundant query as, unless I'm totally misremembering, in Marvel's, "Real," world, Rick has indeed spent time as the Hulk, as has seemingly every regular character in the book.


Timothy Field said...

As gamma rays seemed to turn people into the opposite of their normal self but green, Bruce Banner, nerdy scientist becomes a giant rage monster, The Leader was a lowly janitor or something (can't remember) surely Rick Jones would turn into a quite likeable green chap who makes wise choices?

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that Avengers annual Steve - pretty sure its actually the wondrous Wasp on the cover, possessed by Dr Spectrum's power prism after Henry Pym gave it to her as a present. Giving your missus a super-villain's weapon doesn't really strike me as a particularly clever thing to do, but then I'm not a brainbox scientist-type like Pym.

The Marvel adaptation of Jaws 2 was drawn by the world beating team of Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, so it was obviously a lot better than you'd guess from that cover.


Steve W. said...

Tim, I suspect that not even gamma rays are powerful enough to stop Rick being a liability to everyone around him.

Sean, thanks for the Dr Spectrum info. I had wondered just how his sex change had taken place.

Killdumpster said...

Though I love Trimpe's. Hulk, and later Iron Man, he eventually lost me on Godzilla. He drew him as a pot-bellied, yet anorexic, iguana.

Didn't pick up the Avengers annual back then. HORRORS!! Thor being creamed on the cover, by a female!!? I was young and possibly "sexist" lol!

Was always a sucker for Marvel Premier/Spotlight. The Man-Wolf thing was just down right awful.

Hated Valkyrie's costume, but I really didn't buy Defenders for her, even though I "sort of" thought she was ok. I know I had that issue, but if the Hulk raised havoc in Aasgard, I'd think I'd remember it.

What-It's were more entertaining when they had a heart-tugging, down-beat ending. The Rick Jones/Hulk issue left me feeling like I wasted my time & dough for a Disney cartoon adaption.

Killdumpster said...

Aw man. Everybody pounding on Rick Jones! Outside of having to read his lyrics during his so-called "music career" in Captain Marvel, I thought he was an ok guy/plot foil.

He was conducive in the creation of The Hulk, albeit being an ass.

He was , impart, responsible for the Avengers.

He showed up for Cap as a replacement Bucky.

He was a dominant force during the. Kree/Skrull War.

He made Mar-Vell (outside of his songs, lol!) entertaining, except for the space-mule riding behind Marv. Connotations?

I'm wearing my Chameleon-level Rick mask right now, as I enter this. Lmao

Killdumpster said...

Silver Age Marvel would not be the same without him.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

It was starting out to be such a nice day.

I'm taking my morning constitutional reading Steve's column. Wonderful write-up, wonderful remarks (Tim - you had me laughing!). Everything is going really smooth!

Then I get to KD's remarks about Rick Jones. In particular about Rick and his music lyrics and suddenly, through free association, I think of Snapper Carr snapping his fingers and saying less than clever things.

And then suddenly my head hurts... (Thanks KD!)

Killdumpster said...

Sorry man.

Steve W. said...

In fairness to Rick, he was much better than Snapper Carr.

Then again, I've always had a suspicion that Snapper Carr was a mind-controlling alien who fooled the JLA into thinking he belonged with them and did it for nefarious purposes that the Reader was unaware of.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Was Snapper DC's answer to Rick Jones? Did they think Rick was helping sell Marvel comics?? Did Snapper ever wander into caves, strap on bracelets, and bang them together???

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Steve - Have you ever done a poll on Rick Jones? E.g., "Rick Jones: Love him, hate him, useful for a plot not much else?"

Steve W. said...

I shall launch one on Sunday, Charlie. The public will have their voice heard.

Anonymous said...

Have you not already done a Rick Jones poll Steve?
Still, I hear having a second vote is the fashionable thing to do these days; perhaps the public has changed its mind about everyone's sidekick Rick Jones (although I doubt it).


Charlie Horse 47 said...

Steve and UK dudes... what's with this Brexit thingy? It's ALL the news here but hard to follow. Help???

Timothy Field said...

Charlie, nope I think you pretty much have a handle on it by the sound of it.

Steve W. said...

Charlie, half of the British public want to leave the European Union, half of them don't.

Most of our members of Parliament don't want to leave the European Union but are scared of defying the people who do.

As things stand, we're leaving in March.

The government's negotiated a divorce settlement with the European Union.

No one likes the divorce settlement.

The ruling Conservative Party is being torn apart by a battle between its pro-Brexiters and its anti-Brexiters.

No one really wants Theresa May to be Prime Minister.

No one likes any of the people who want to take her place.

No one with a functioning brain would want to be Prime Minister right now because they'd have to sort the mess out.

Confusion and chaos reigns.

I am currently stocking up on canned food.

Steve W. said...

Sean, you're right, I did do a Rick Jones poll a bit back. Sunday's post may, therefore, not be about Rick Jones.

dbutler16 said...

Avengers was one of the first Avengers issues I got, and it’s a great issues. Top notch writing and especially the art!

I’ve never read any of these other ones, but that Man-Wolf comic does look bizarre.

"Why doesn't Rick Jones go away?" Hear, hear!

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Well, I know this is a Marvel blog, but what if we poll Snapper Carr as in "What would you like to see Snapper do with his fingers besides snap them?"

Goose Wonder Woman and Black Canary?

Grab Green Arrow by the goatee and shake him senseless when he is getting all righteous on us?

Stick them here, there, anywhere?

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Steve - thanks for the summary on the Brexit thingy going on over there! I feel wiser already! If I may ask a question or two that is perplexing the heck out of the 1% of Americans who pay attention to these things...

Is the EU "divorce decree" a decree that Britain can reject? Over here that is no one that seems to know... we think it's a "take it or leave it?" And if Britain "leaves it" it means Britain is agreeing to stay and abandon Brexit b/c Britain has no choice?

And if Britain cannot reject it then what's the point of getting upset with May, debating it in Parliament etc.?

I think I need one more shot of "help!" LOL.

Also, to others, I am truly not trying to stir up anything. If anyone has a good link, just post it and I'll happily read it!

Steve W. said...

Charlie, Britain's perfectly allowed to reject the divorce settlement. This is Parliament's problem. Some of our politicians want to accept the agreement, some want to reject it and leave without an agreement, some want us to reject the agreement and negotiate a different agreement before leaving, some want us to reject it and stay in the European Union. Some want us to have another referendum before making a final decision. Some want us not to have another referendum. Everyone's battling to get what they want and no one's able to get a clear upper hand.

Charlie Horse 47 said...


Steve W. said...

You're welcome, Charlie. :)

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Yes, your paragraph did more to explain things than my various news reports on the radio that I hear driving to/from work.

Indeed I understood, probably from inaccurate reporting in the USA, that Britain had no choice on the decree presented by the EU... take it or take off.

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