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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The Marvel Lucky Bag - September 1981.

Thanks to Charlie Horse 47 and Killdumpster for their sponsorship of this post, via the magic of Patreon

It was a case of, "Periscopes at the ready," in September 1981 because it was the month that saw the release of celebrated submarine movie Das Boot. Surely, at the time, the most globally renowned German-language film since Metropolis.

It was also probably the most famous movie about submersibles released since Yellow Submarine.

It was, however, very different from Yellow Submarine.

The month also featured the unleashing of The French Lieutenant's Woman and Mommie Dearest, neither of which I've ever seen, despite their high profile.

Marvel Super Special #19, For Your Eyes Only

And, speaking of movies, James Bond comes to Marvel Town when his latest mission gets adapted, thanks to the typewriter of Larry Hama and the pencils of Howard Chaykin.

Just to leave us both shaken and stirred, we also get a look behind the scenes of the movie.

Raiders of the Last Ark #1, Marvel Comics

Anything James Bond can do, Indiana Jones can do.

And so it is the adventurous archaeologist also gets his very own adaptation of his very own film.

This time, we get a Walt Simonson script and a John Buscema art job.

Spider-Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Woman Collectors Edition

Who hasn't fantasised that, at some point, there'd be a comic starring Spider-Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Woman?

I know I have.

Frankly, I can't stop fantasising about it.

And now, at last, we get it, thanks to their very own Collectors Edition.

I really don't know what happens in it but, with the Enchantress, Wizard, Rhino and Trapster also onboard, it promises to be an action-packed 27 pages.

Apparently, this was a comic produced for, and distributed entirely through, 7-11 stores.

Marvel Two-In-One #79, The Thing and Blue Diamond

The plot of this one is a mystery to me and I'm not that familiar with the Blue Diamond but I've included it purely because it features someone called Star-Dancer.

I've no idea who she is but what reader could resist a comic that features someone called Star-Dancer?

The Dazzler #7, the Incredible Hulk

Speaking of dancers, the Dazzler's still going strong.

So strong that she's now decided to take on the Hulk.

Not only is he in this issue but the Enforcers are, as well.

And they're out to kill Harry S. Osgood!

Weren't the Enforcers also present in the story that first pitted Spider-Man against the Hulk, way back in the 1960s? Clearly, Marvel history has a knack of repeating itself.

Marvel Super Special #18, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Marvel's clearly decided the comic-buying public can't get enough Indiana Jones, because, this month, it gives us not one but two books that adapt the movie.

And this seems to be the exact same adaptation as is in that other book.

Can this madness succeed?

Well, the approach worked with Star Wars. So, why not?


Dave S said...

Dave's Cover of the Month: Raiders of the Lost Ark, not the magazine one though, the single issue. I used to have those Raiders issues, John Buscema is inked by Klaus Janson but tbe art always looked a little rushed to me. Not quite what I'd expected from two such fantastic artists.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Marvel must have had advanced notice of Das Boot being released! Clearly putting the nazi symbol on the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” mag is trying to piggy back off that.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

I can only think of 3 German movies since Boot that have been famous??? Das Untergang (The downfall), The Lives of Others, and Look Who’s Back!

Any others?

Interestingly (?) all three involve WW2 or it’s aftermath, as does Das Boot.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Anyone else prefer M to Metropolis as the greatest German movie before Das Boot? That last scene with Lorre before the “peoples court…” Ffs… kept me awake for days!

Steve W. said...

Charlie, I've never seen M and can, therefore, offer no opinions upon it.

Dave, they're not a great set of covers. I think I'd go for the magazine version of Raiders as my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thats a good painting by Chaykin, Steve. The other one is ok, but its for a Bond flick.

For Your Eyes Only also appeared in the regular comic book format, as a two issue limited series.
Marvel Super Special was used for a lot of film adaptations, and after Star The Empire Strikes Back Wars it wasn't unusual for them to turn up as a comic too - Bladerunner, Conan, Dune... its probably easier to list the ones that didn't, like Xanadu and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (actually, I think that last one didn't even appear as a Super Special).

I suppose the logic behind doing both was that a magazine would have an appeal as a tie-in to the wider audience that didn't read "comics".
Although its always seemed strange to me Marvel did more film adaptations in the 80s, when home video was a thing.


Anonymous said...

PS Dave, on the Raiders art looking rushed, I think maybe film adaptations were often done at short notice - I recall reading in an interview with Howard Chaykin that he and Vince Colletta had a week to do all of For Your Eyes Only.

And Charlie, there have been plenty of well known German films since Das Boot not about the war. Just off the top of my head - Fitzcarraldo, Wings Of Desire, Run Lola Run, Goodbye Lenin...


Anonymous said...

The German culture topic's been on 'American Dad'. Klaus patronizes Steve & Snott, by exposing their ignorance of obscure German culture:


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I have that Bond title - Love the Roger Moore Bond era

Steve W. said...

Hi, Gary. I have a feeling I've never seen For Your Eyes Only. I think it's the only pre-Daniel Craig Bond I've never seen.

Dave S said...

Sean - agree with you about Run Lola Run: it's really good and well worth a watch!

Redartz said...

Yeah, not Marvel's finest week for covers. But among them, I'll join with Dave and go with the comic version of "Raiders". Partly for nostalgia; I bought that book out of ongoing enthusiasm after having seen the film. Watching "Raiders" still fires my enthusiasm.

My wife and I watched "For Your Eyes Only" a couple months ago. First time I'd seen it in years; it actually held up fairly well as one of the best Moore episodes. Especially liked Topol's appearance....

Colin Jones said...

Steve, 'For Your Eyes Only' is the film in which Sheena Easton appears in the opening credits if that helps you remember. I think it's the only Bond film where the singer of the theme-tune is actually seen on screen.

Colin Jones said...

But post-Timothy Dalton, the only Bond film I've seen is 'Casino Royale' so I've no idea if other singers of the theme-tune made a screen appearance!

Steve W. said...

Colin, I don't think any of the post-Dalton films feature the singer in the opening titles but I could be wrong.

I'm fairly certain now that I've never seen For Your Eyes Only.