Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fifty years ago today - October 1962.

Hooray! It's October, the only month of the year named after Dr Octopus.

As we all know, magical things were happening fifty years ago this month, with the launch of the first James Bond film and the first Beatles single. Did Marvel manage to keep pace by furnishing us with milestones of equal epochnosity?

Fantastic Four #7, Kurrgo and Planet X

It's one of my early faves as the FF find themselves up against Kurrgo and the dreaded Planet X.
Journey into Mystery #85, Loki makes his first appearance

Thor might have spent too many of his early appearances battling commies but at last he meets a foe worthy of a smack in the teeth from his hammer.
Strange Tales #101, the Human Torch v the Destroyer

I have to admit I've never read any of the Human Torch's solo adventures but I've always assumed they're not very good.

Still, I doubt my lack of support'll stop Johnny Storm from destroying the Destroyer.

Hold on a moment. The Destroyer? What's he doing wasting his time on the Human Torch when he should be off somewhere stopping Thanos?
Tales to Astonish #86, Ant-Man v Comrade X

Planet X? Comrade X? Marvel had more Xs than Elizabeth Taylor.

But Ant-Man again reminds us of the mighty super-hero he is, by being trapped in a prison made of glass.


Boston Bill said...

The drawing of Reed Richards greatly resembles Kirby himself. Interesting because he actually inked the cover, which was unusual (I got this from 'Kirby, King of Comics')

While Loki was an improvement, his first adventure was a bit weird. I think he turns New York into candy or something.

I got a reprint of the Human Torch story. They were forgettable, with villains that made Ant-Man's rogue gallery impressive. They eventually teamed him with the Thing, making Strange Tales a shadow book to the FF, until they replaced him with Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Kid said...

I have to admit that I think the alleged resemblance of Reed to Kirby is rather overstated. There's a vague similarity if you squint a bit, or look at the image through the bottom of a milk bottle. I must also confess that 'Kurrgo, Master of Planet X' is one of my all-time favourite FF tales - even allowing for the mistake on the last page of the original printing. (Reed referring to 'enlarging gas' as 'reducing gas'.)

Boston Bill said...

I still think there's a strong resemblance:

Kid said...

Nah, extremely slight and coincidental. Different hairline, different nose - different person. (There's a hint of a resemblance, but that's it.)