Saturday, 13 October 2012

October 1972 - Forty years ago today.

It's that magical month again.

But will it be trick or treat for our favourite Marvel heroes in October 1972?

Conan the Barbarian #19, Barry Smith

Conan #19 sees a rather lovely cover enhanced by a rather lovely colour scheme.
Amazing Spider-Man #113, Dr Octopus

Dr Octopus is back and causing trouble.
Avengers #104

Is this the one with the Sentinels?

For some reason, I always liked the Sentinels in this Avengers appearance far more than I ever had in the pages of the X-Men.
Captain America #154

It looks like a whole heap of trouble for Cap.
Daredevil #92, the Blue Talon

The sight of Matt Murdock rushing to save the life of someone else dressed as Daredevil brings back traumatic memories for me of Mike Murdock. Will I never know what it is to be free of those memories?
Fantastic Four #127, Mole Man and Kala

I've a strong feeling I've read this story - possibly in the patriotic pages of Captain Britain - but the exact details of it escape me.

It's not that great to see Mole Man back but, if that's Kala I espy, it's certainly nice to see her return. Let's hope she gives Moley a slap and seizes control of his underground kingdom.
Incredible Hulk #156

Hooray! The Hulk's back in Jarella land - and fighting himself.

I know that feeling all too well. I was lucky to get out of it alive the last time I fought myself. If I hadn't caught me by surprise, I wouldn't have stood a chance against my superior strength and weaponry.
Iron Man #51

I detect a George Tuska cover and, for once, an Iron Man cover rings a bell with me.

I still can't remember just what actually happened in it though.
Thor #204, Sif

Great to see Thor and Sif in good, defeatist mode.

Is this the one where Thor's on the quest to the well at the world's end, or am I getting confused again?
X-Men #78, Merlin

Nope. No idea at all what happened in this one.

Is this the same Merlin who once fought Thor? And, if it is, why's he dressed like Shakespeare?


Boston Bill said...

Somehow I prefer the comic books selection from 1962

Dougie said...

The Thor comic is the beginning of another Mephisto story. I actually had this one; there was a cameo by my favourite Rigellian, Tana Nile

There was a lot of miniskirt Hawkeye that month!

Comicsfan said...

You may have gotten your Thor issues mixed up--but if he seems in "defeatist mode" to you, at least you've successfully narrowed it down to a Gerry Conway issue! :D

Steve W. said...

Dougie, I must concur that Hawkeye's outfit on that Captain America cover really is quite... ...striking.

Kid said...

Kala, Queen of the Netherworld - with Tyrannus and Moley too. What's not to like? FF #127 was part two of a three-issue story arc marking the debut of Roy Thomas as the foursome's regular scripter. Hey, aren'y YOU supposed to tell US what happens in these mags?

Steve W. said...

I don't have a clue what happens in these mags. I make it all up. I can barely remember what I did this morning, let alone forty years ago.

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