Sunday, 14 October 2012

Who the Hell is Dominic Pine?

Who the Hell is Dominic Pine, Stephen Walker, Liz Sanford, Occult Investigation, eBook,Amazon, Kindle,Stephen Sloan
Hooray! The world of literature is saved, as my latest eBook hits the shelves of Kindle faster than you can say, "Holey Moley!"

It's another adventure for this land's most put-upon occult investigator Liz Sanford, as she finds herself having to bodyguard the idol of millions.

And, right now, it's yours for just 99c or 77p from Amazon.

Thanks to Canadian animator Stephen Sloan for supplying the cover. You can find out more about Stephen at his site:

As for you, thanks for your time. And, remember, you don't need one of those fancy Kindle machine-thingies to read it. Thanks to Amazon's free software, you can also download it direct to your PC/Laptop/Netbook.

Who the Hell is Dominic Pine is available from:
Amazon.Com, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy.

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