Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fifty years ago this month - October 1964.

The mighty octopus; the only creature on Earth so awesome it has a month named after it.

But what were our favourite Marvel heroes doing in the Month of the Octopus exactly fifty years ago?

Were they receiving a hearty kick in the tentacles?

Or were they busy making suckers of their enemies?

Avengers #9, Wonder Man

How little did Marvel know the wheels they were setting in motion when they introduced us to Wonder Man.
Daredevil #4, The Purple Man

The Purple Man. Possibly the greatest super-villain name since Paste-Pot Pete.
Fantastic Four #31, The Mole Man

It's the return of the Mole Man. If only it were Tyrannus.

Why is it never Tyrannus?
Journey into Mystery #109, Thor v Magneto

That rare thing, a fight between Thor and Magneto.

Good to see the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants looking as enthusiastic as ever.
Amazing Spider-Man #17, Human Torch and the Green Goblin

Is this the one that introduced the world to the Spider-Man Fan Club?
Strange Tales #125, The Thing, Hmman Torch and Sub-Mariner

Subby shows up to try and introduce some drama into the adventures of the Thing and the Human Torch.

I wonder what the Dr Strange story was?
Tales of Suspense #58, Iron Man v Captain America

It's one of my favourite early Iron Man tales, as the Chameleon throws a star-spangled spanner in the works and pits Cap Am against the golden grappler.
Tales to Astonish #60, Giant-Man and The Hulk

The Hulk finally gets his own strip back.

Will Giant-Man be able to see off this challenge to his Tales to Astonish dominance?

Sadly, I fear we can all guess the answer to that one.


cerebus660 said...

Steve, the Doctor Strange story is "Mordo Must Not Catch Me!" Evil Mordo ( with his even more evil haircut ) has captured the Ancient One, and Doc Strange has to fight a globe-trotting ectoplasmic battle to save him. Quite a cool little story but George Bell's inks trundle all over most of Ditko's subtleties.

Steve W. said...

Thanks for the info, Cerebus. I must confess Mordo never really gripped me as a villain.

Colin Jones said...

Two covers in a row there with the Torch in more or less an identical pose. Steve, don't forget the mighty mayfly - it also has a month named after it :)

Steve W. said...

How could I ever have forgotten the mighty mayfly?

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