Sunday 28 September 2014

Supergirl #10 - Part One. Supergirl murders Prez.

Supergirl #10, Prez
This is all very exciting - because we've reached the last issue of Supergirl's 1970s comic.

But it turns out we still have two posts left because there's not one but two Supergirl tales in this issue.

And this post deals with the first of them.

Linda Danvers is watching America's new teenaged president - Prez - on TV when her X-ray vision spots that a man in the crowd has a gun hidden up his sleeve.

Quick as a flash, she's over there and gives the man the good slapping he deserves.

But it's not long before there's another murder attempt on America's main man.

No sooner has she foiled that one than the villains of the piece have fired a Voodoo powered Radar beam at her brain, designed to make her want to kill him.

For a man whose sole interest in life seems to be mending clocks, it has to be said that Prez does have a remarkable knack for making enemies.

Supergirl #10, Voodoo doll
Needless to say, Supergirl's far too sharp for the bad guys, and fools them with a dummy president before melting their mind-beam gun with her heat vision.

It has to be said it's a slight tale, presumably designed to point readers towards Prez's mag while getting whatever Prez fans there might be out there to pick up Supergirl's comic.

Supergirl #10, Supergirl kills PrezClearly, as Prez only lasted for four issues and Supergirl's comic only lasted for ten, it wasn't what you'd call a triumphant tactic and it has to be said that Prez doesn't get to do a lot in this tale, apart from being nice to everyone he meets.

It also has to be said that the villains' scheme is foiled with ridiculous ease.

And how Supergirl can detect a gun up someone's sleeve by using her X-ray vision on a TV image is anyone's guess. Is there nothing the woman can't do?

Supergirl #10, Right on, Prez


Unknown said...

If this was meant to point readers towards Prez, it didn't work out. This issue was delayed by a paper shortage or something. Supergirl 9 came out in December 73; #10 was October 74. By the time it hit stands, Prez was cancelled, the last issue was March 73. Supergirl meeting Prez was weird enough; having it published months after both their books had been cancelled just made it weirder.

Steve W. said...

Thanks for the info, Joseph. Poor old Prez. Poor old Supergirl.

Dougie said...

Almost 10 years ago, I bought all 4 issues of Prez for a friend who was the youngest-ever president of his bowling club in Govan.

If you liked Simon's Sandman or Outsiders, you'll love Prez.

Steve W. said...

Yep. My sister bought all four issues of Prez when we were kids. The only issue I currently own is the one where Transylvania declares war on the US.