Thursday, 4 September 2014

Forty years ago today - September 1974.

Good gravy! It's in the news that they've found the remains of yet another previously unknown dinosaur. This one was called Dreadnoughtus Schrani and it was meganormous.

How they know what it was called when there was no one around at the time to write its name down, I have no idea but I do know how our favourite Marvel heroes would have responded to it.

They'd have smashed it in the face.

They smash everyone in the face.

Frankly, if you turned up without a face to smash in, they wouldn't know what to do with you.

But that doesn't matter. All that matters is finding out who were they smashing in the face exactly forty years ago.

Avengers #127, the Inhumans

Unless my ever-loving memory deserts me, this is the first half of the two-parter that sees Crystal marry Quicksilver.

Needless to say, it's not long before the Human Torch is wanting to smash him in the face.

But let's face it, what girl wouldn't want to marry Quicksilver? He's quite the charmer.
Conan the Barbarian #42, Night of the Gargoyle

I've never seen the inside of this comic but that's a rather belting cover that I assume is by Gil Kane.
Fantastic Four #150, Ultron and the wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal

Unless my ever-loving memory deserts me, this is the second half of the two-parter in which Crystal marries Quicksilver.
Incredible Hulk #179, the Missing Link

Hooray! It's one of my Hulk favourites, as the Missing Link returns as a good guy and Bruce Banner gets a job as a miner.
Iron Man #70, Sunfire and Ultimo

To be truthful, I do find it difficult to enjoy any story that Sunfire turns up in.

Just imagine if there was a comic where Sunfire teamed up with Quicksilver. What a barrel of laughs that'd be.
Amazing Spider-Man #136, The Green Goblin Lives Again

This is more like it. The Green Goblin's back, in the form of Harry Osborn.

I always wanted a Goblin Glider. I think I might make myself one.
Thor #227, Hercules and Firelord

With Firelord, Hercules and the living planet involved, it would appear to be a clash of the egos.
Daredevil and the Black Widow #113, the Gladiator

DD's greatest foe is back.
Captain America and the Falcon #177, Lucifer

I've not read this one, Is the Lucifer who appears in this tale anything to do with the Lucifer who appeared in an early X-Men story?

Then again, was there a villain called Lucifer who appeared in an early X-Men story, or am I just imagining it?


Longbox Graveyard said...

O Happy Day -- your time-traveling survey has arrived at the very moment I first became a comics fan. I bought every one of these books off the rack that month (excepting only DD, unfortunately) and they were the first books in a collection I still have today. Forty years!

(Now I have to lie down).

Steve W. said...

Sadly, I never had any of them. Fortunately I caught up with most of them via reprints.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

The Lucifer character 9an alien) in the Capt America comic did indeed appear in an early X-Men story (issue 20) he ws the character that that crippled Charles Xavier, leaving him in a wheelchair.

I vividly recall buying FF issue 150 in Glasgow as a kid (well young teenager) and just loving it, I still have that dog eared issue in my loft, mmmmm l might pop up and look it out for a wee read (Rich Buckler art as I recall)

John Pitt said...

Steve, I've been following these 50/40 posts for some time and it's just occurred to me - I'd love to see likewise with DC titles, if you fancied branching out?

Steve W. said...

Paul, thanks for the info.

John, I did think of doing the DC issues, back when I first started this feature. The only problem was that I have nothing like the familiarity with the DC issues that I have with the Marvel ones. Therefore, when I looked at the DC covers, I didn't have a clue what was going on in the comics they contained and therefore decided not to bother.

Kid said...

Steve, as you yourself have pointed out on many an occasion, half the time you can't remember what's going on in the Marvel issues, so why let that stop you with DC ones? Expand. (You're right about FF #150 - Crystal marries Quicksilver. Given that he's got super-speed, he'd have been in and out again before she knew it. Wonder if that's when their problems started?)

Steve W. said...

I shall take another look at doing the DC issues but I can promise nothing.

John Pitt said...

Perhaps some of us might remember some of the DC issues if you go ahead.

Colin Jones said...
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