Sunday, 7 September 2014

Supergirl #7 - The Sinister Snowman.

Supergirl #7, Zatanna and the Snowman

This is it. After weeks of the Maid of Might being held back by having to share a comic with the Siren of Sorcery, the two finally get to meet.

And, needless to say, Zatanna's still cramping her style.

What's happened is this. Horny as ever, Supergirl's desperate to get down to some serious canoodling with a man she's met in a driving incident.

Supergirl #7, Kara loves Tony

That man is Tony Martyn, a handsome and mustachioed member of the Peace Corps.

There's only one problem. Right now, he's in danger of becoming a member of the Peace Corpse because he's gone missing in the Himalayas.

In fact, there's another problem too.

And that's that Tony's also met Zatanna - and she's as keen to tickle Tony's tonsils as  Supergirl is.

Supergirl #7, Zatanna loves Tony

So, independently of each other, the two heroines set off to the Himalayas and soon find themselves at odds over just which of them should be rescuing the object of their desire.

It all comes to a head when they find themselves up against a giant snowman created by the mountain-living demon Orgox who's holding Tony captive.

Fortunately, after accidentally zapping each other instead of the snowman, it dawns on them to act like adults and team up against the the thing.

Supergirl #7, Snowman

That dealt with, now all that's left for them to do is rescue Tony from Orgox and that's that.

Except it isn't because it turns out Tony doesn't have the hots for either of them and is an engaged man who can't wait to get home to his fiancée, leaving Zatanna and Supergirl to return home in a huff.

Supergirl #7, cavemen
There's not really a lot to say about this tale apart from... ...erm, well nothing really. It starts, it finishes and it has some stuff happen in between. Supergirl and Zatanna both come across as needy, clingy, petty, stupid and immature - and also somewhat negligent, as it seems that Tony's been missing for ages before either of them motivate themselves to actually try and save him, despite their declarations of love for him.

Personally, I'd have preferred it if Tony had turned out to be gay and not just engaged, just to really thwart their amorous designs but it's the 1970s, so I suppose the chances of that happening were always going to be low.

Flatmate count in this issue: Zero.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Another one of those titles I only ever picked up once (and it was this particular issue as well) - although I have bought some Supergirl strips when she appeared in Adventure comics (although that was only for the Alex Toth Black Canary strip) and a few "Superman Family" dollar comics.

Kid said...

See, Steve? You can do DC when you try. McScotty, I was expecting you to enter my competition. Too late now, it's over.

Anonymous said...

For all we know, Steve, Tony was gay - maybe he just wasn't out and all that stuff about his fiancé was a cover. How else do you explain his not having the hots for Supergirl or Zatanna?

I thought this was a good issue - definitely an improvement on that gang story in the last one - but whats with that cover?


Steve W. said...

Kid, I do fear that the only DC I can do is anything that features Supergirl, thanks to me somehow seeming to have read virtually every story she appeared in during the 60s and 70s.

Sean, words can't describe how much I dig that cover.

Anonymous said...

Steve - "dig"?? You're starting to write in 70s Supergirl dialogue. Excellent. Hope you make the scene again next Sunday.


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