Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Secret Origins comics I have owned.

It's a strange thing that I always liked DC Comics' Secret Origins series, as I was never as into DC's characters as I was into Marvel's, and most of their characters' origins dated back to the Golden Age, which held far less interest for me than the Silver Age ever did.

I suppose I must just be a natural sticky beak, determined to find out about the past of people who don't even exist.

That in mind, here's a quick look at the covers of the issues of Secret Origins that I once possessed.

Secret Origins #3, Wonder Woman and Wildcat

I seem to remember that this issue revealed that Wonder Woman started out as a statue who'd been brought to life by her mother. Clearly this was an attempt to get round the obvious question of how an island populated entirely by women manages to produce offspring.

As for the rest of the tale, I'm sure there was plenty of bondage action going on.

I don't have a clue if there was much bondage in Wildcat's origin. This was my only childhood encounter with him and the truth is I remember little of this tale, though I do remember being impressed by his motorbike.
Secret Origins #5, The Spectre

I've always remembered this one very well. How could I not? It's the origin of the Spectre. If a thing like that wouldn't stick in the mind, then what would?

And you can read my review of this issue, right here.
Secret Origins #6, Legion of Super-Heroes, Blackhawk

Hooray! It's the origin of the Legion of Super-heroes.

Yet again, I remember very little of their origin but I do remember liking it.

On the other hand, not only do I not remember anything about the origin of Blackhawk, I don't even remember who he was.
Secret Origins #7, Robin, Aquaman

I do remember Robin's origin from this tale.

If I recall correctly, he was a circus performer whose parents were killed by a somewhat annoying gangster based on Edward G Robinson.

Needless to say, that was all the cue Batman needed to dress him in a weird outfit and put him in massive danger at every possible opportunity, with not a word of complaint from the social services.

Aquaman's origin completely escapes my memory. I'm assuming it bore some resemblance to the Sub-Mariner's but I could be wrong in that assumption.


Kid said...

If I remember rightly, this series ran for 7 issues - and I have them all. There were two try-out issues quite a few years before this version hit the stands. There was also a book called Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes, which I finally managed to obtain just recently - a mere 37 years after I first saw it advertised in the comics.

Steve W. said...

Up until recently, I was totally unaware of the DC Secret Origins book. I'm not sure it would have had the same appeal to me as the Marvel ones had.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

An excellent series if only for the amazing Nick Cardy covers - Issue 5 with the Spectre is still one of my favourite comics and had some pretty horrific scenes.

Secret Origins (Vol 1) did indeed run 7 issues which I found strange considering that "Wanted" (which reprinted the origins of the villians - again a great book with amazing Cardy covers) lasted for 9 issues.

I don't recall 2 Secret Origin specials/try outs prior to 1972 so will need to check for that one - there was certainly one in the early 60s (which I have a tatty copy of) However there were 2 excellent "Wanted" DC specials in 1971 prior to the regular title.

Dougie said...

I also recently bought the Secret Origins paperback but I'm saving it for the Tattie Holidays.

I didn't like the 70s SO series at the time although I loved Wanted! I suppose Superman, Batman and Flash were too familiar and the presentations too primitive for a Mighty World of Marvel kid.

I think the characters featured were probably Bridwell favourites ( Spectre, Kid Eternity, Vigilante,LSH, Wildcat, etc.)
I bet if there had been an 8th issue, it would've featured Dr. Fate. He seemed to be another very visible Golden Ager. I think we might then have had a co-feature appearance by Sargon or Zatara.

Inasmuch as I find Wonder Woman a feverish & absurd character, I do like Cardy's version.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

That's a fair point re DC using their main characters (Superman, Batman ,WW, Flash etc) in these books (something they have done again under the NEW 52 banner version of Secret Origins ) In the 70s most of the DC 53 pagers had golden age reprints and I really enjoyed some of these (Sandman, Tarantula etc) I would imagine Dr Fate would have appeared in issue 8 if it had lasted that long maybe along with Johnny Quick anoth DC golden age fav

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