Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Rick Jones. Yay or nay? YOU decide!

Rick Jones, Incredible Hulk #1, Rick plays a harmonica in his car as Bruce banner rushes towards him with the Gamma Bomb about to go off
Rick Jones is a man who needs no introduction. Mostly because he'll inflict himself upon you whether he's been introduced or not.

He's the man who can't be kept out of nuclear test sites, Avengers Mansions or Negative Zones. He couldn't even be kept out of the climax of the Kree/Skrull War, which - bearing in mind it took place in a totally different galaxy - was one hell of an achievement.

In all honesty, I never, for the most part, minded Rick. I mean, OK, he was no Jim Wilson but he did his best to keep the Hulk locked in that concrete bunker all night, he helped out Captain America, the Avengers and Captain Marvel and he was often a youth with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Granted, he was also the man responsible for the creation of the Incredible Hulk, thus destroying Bruce Banner's life and putting the whole world in danger but which of us can honestly say we've never made a comparable foul-up at some point in our lives?

The two things that did cause me to have a problem with him were his bouts of self-pity that even the Silver Surfer would envy and his insistence on having a musical career.

It says something that I somehow managed to hate Rick Jones' music even though I'd never heard it. Somehow, just seeing the lyrics to his songs written down told me I wasn't going to like their tunes.

Still, he did save us all from the Machiavellian manipulations of Ronan the Accuser and bring Captain Marvel back to our world. And where would we all be if not for him having founded the Teen Brigade?

Basically, Rick Jones, yes or no? You're free to say which, in the comments section below, and to make any other statements about The Man Who Would Be Bucky that pop into your head, and I shall no doubt announce the results of this red-hot debate in next Thursday's Marvel UK post.


Timothy Field said...

Prior to this I was thinking maybe I have been a little harsh on the Rickster.
Then you reminded about The Teen Brigade and as far as I'm concerned that's enough for eternal damnation on its own.
It's a thumbs down from me Steve.

dangermash said...

Teenage sidekicks belong in DC comics. So, with regret, Rick, you're fired 👉🏻

pete doree said...

I liked Rick ( and Jim Wilson for that matter ) AND I loved his music career. I've no idea why, 'cos I really should hate him.
When he was clanging nega-bands and swapping space with Mar-Vell was my favourite though. As you say, Steve, trying to be Bucky? Nah.
I really have no defence, because he is a bit of a dickcheese but, and this is the easy get out clause, he's not Snapper Carr.
Here's an added bonus question. Jack Norris.
Valkryie's ex-husband who followed her about endlessly? I liked him too. And he really was a dickcheese.

Anonymous said...

Steve, you forgot Rick's time as sidekick to Rom, Space Knight.

Last time I stuck with a Marvel comic long enough to follow an extended storyline - a while ago now - Rick Jones bonded with another Captain Marvel, Genis-Vell. To accidentally bond with a Kree space warrior once may be regarded as a misfortune, but twice looks like stupidity.

But then, what can you expect from someone who once dropped acid in the Negative Zone? What a plonker.
As if Rick's music wasn't annoying enough, it seems these days he's something of a hacktivist...


Killdumpster said...


I think most of you guys know where I'm going to go.

So here I go.

Rick Jones was probably one of my favorite Marvel supporting characters EVER!!!

I admit he could be an annoying ass at times, but so could most of the human race.

The guy had energy, thoughtfulness, loyalty, humanity, courage and inner-strength enough to SURVIVE and be ACTIVELY INVOLVED in a world of superheroes & villians.

He didn't have the luxury of a signal watch to call in arguably the most powerful man on earth for help.

He wrapped his arms around Hulk'S neck, while he was leaping, air-speed, impact landings during leaps, and all.

Captain America apparently trained him enough to have him as a partner for a bit.

I could go on, but my point is, Rick quite possibly could have been any of us in that universe.

If any of us could've survived in the Negative Zone, of course.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Geeze, I am reluctant to opine au contraire to KD. But I'll try! Here goes...

Rick was a throwback to the 1940s genre of non-super-power super heroes like the Batman, Wildcat, Green Arrow, et al.

When the 60s kicked in, 99% of Marvel's new breed of super heroes had super powers through chemicals or radioactivity. (Except Hawkeye?)

Rick was basically an Archie in the Marvel Universe. A rube who decided to chill in a nuclear test zone or wander into a cave chasing a glowing Cap and strap on bracelets.

A wise sage, whom I've never met in person but have great respect for, once wrote on 31 December 2017, "[Rick Jones] is made of 100% stupid."

I agree.

Killdumpster said...

I will agree with you Steve.

The music career was a bad move on the writer's part.

They should have had him pursue a career as a stunt driver. He lived dangerously anyway. Hey, then he might've been the GHOST RIDER'S sidekick!! Lol!

Killdumpster said...

If a met a guy that had the fortitude & moxy of Rick Jones, I'd be glad to call him a friend.

Killdumpster said...

Charlie H47-

I agree with you.
Rick was kinda like a perpetual teenager, just like Archie.

He did goofy, dangerous, crazy stuff, but if you can tell me you didn't do something in your teenage years that wasn't potentially dangerous & crazy, I'd have to say that it was years wasted.

God Lord, every other day was some kind of stunt,adventure,fight,conquest, etc in my teens. I got the scars & broken-bone arthritis to prove it. A lot of it WAS stupid, but most of it makes me chuckle in my old age.

Some of it would've been better if Rick Jones was around to watch my back. LOL!!!

Killdumpster said...

Let's not forget that Rick was up for vote to be an honorary Avenger. Was Jimmy Olson voted on to be a member of the Justice League? I'm not that learned in the DC universe.

I remember he had stretching powers once, and he hosted a children's show dressed as a TNMT Knock-off. Jack Kirby did issues when he first went to DC, that's all I know. Guess some of those issues are "important"

In a fist-fight, without Krytonian Interference, I'd take Rick Jones for $100 over Olsen any day of the week.

Killdumpster said...

Rick has "moxy". Not familiar with the term? look it up.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

KD... Moxy, schmoxy...

If God gave Rick Jones another brain it'd be lonesome.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Rick is Jughead to Olsen's Archie.

Killdumpster said...

Oh, my brother!

Rick was like the brother I never had!
He hung out with all. The super-dudes, happenstance or not.

He was never ment to be "Victor Von Jones, Rick Richards, Ricky Stark" etc.

(Bet the lousy writers @ Marvel right now have light bulbs blinking over their heads right now! Lol!!)

He was a pivotal element in the creation/evolution in many of the characters that we love. There can be no question about that.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Rick was Ringmaster's Circus of Kooks to Olsen's Enforcers.

Killdumpster said...


In my personal option, without the creation of Rick Jones, the Marvel we know and love would not be the same.

That would've made a good WHAT-IF. One of my favorite What-Ifs was when the Avengers never formed, & Pym,Jan, & Rick became the ARMOURED AVENGERS.

Steve W. said...

Thanks for all your comments so far. I never suspected that feelings ran so highly about Rick Jones.

Anonymous said...

Personally I always preferred him in his later, more relaxed years - when he quit hanging around with superheroes and settled down with Fingermouse, Tortoise, Seagull and Scampi.

ColinBray said...

Rick Jones is not Snapper Carr. For that I am thankful.

Actually I quite like Rick. He isn't strong enough as a character to be a golden thread weaving through the Marvel Universe, but at the same time he does add continuity and a MU flavour to the more cosmic out-there books.

A shout out to CH47 for the heads up on this discussion!

Killdumpster said...

If they did a mini-series on Rick that was loaded with all the heroes he befriended and the supervillians he either personally fought or was involved with, I'd be all up on it.

Killdumpster said...

Here's a great idea, "Rick Jones & The Enforcers vs The Circus of Crime!!!"

I'd buy that off the rack!!

It'd only be a one-shot though. The big top team would be vaporized. Lol!!!

Charlie Horse 47 said...

KD: Rick Jones vs. a Hurricane. But the Hurricane is named Rick Jones. Who wins? :)

Killdumpster said...

Some mid-stream wanna-be crime lord needs cash, so he hires the Enforcers to kidnap Rick Jones in an attempt to ransom him from the Avengers/Tony Stark.

Rick has met a long-lost elderly relative on the internet, and decides to visit her. The Enforcers are tailing him, waiting for the right opportunity.

As it happens, Rick's possible relation is in a town where the Circus of Crime is performing. There have been a rash of burglaries in the area, and Rick's kinfolk had a valuable heirloom stolen.

He gets his "Hardy Boys" on, & investigates. He recognizes the Circus. While sneaking around, the Enforcers pounce, taking him prisoner.

While telling the Enforcers, they made a BIG mistake abducting him (he knows almost half the silver-age Marvel universe), he starts slipping through his ropes. As they ponder their ill-decision, Rick attempts an escape. A short battle enthuses. Rick is restrained again, but quickly tells the story about the theft of his kin.

Impressed by his fighting skill, and really not interested on having the Hulk/Avengers/FF ECT on top of them, they agree to help him, in exchange for just forgetting the whole thing.

The attack and ensuing chaos I'll leave to you guys' imagination.

Killdumpster said...

"Anyway the wind blows..." Charlie. Lol!

You're my bro.

Killdumpster said...

Probably the saddest thing is the Circus of Crime is they'll probably get shut down by PETA. Ringling Bros, and now the Shriners Circus (who use all their proceeds towards hospitals for children) got spanked by those guys.

Anonymous said...

I can forgive Rick for one mistake, even a whopper like going to a atomic testing site to practice his harmonica. But he shoulda made himself scarce after that, and fast. The real problem is that s.o.b. Jimmy Olsen. If I were Superman (and I think you are all grateful I'm not), Jimmy would be orbiting Pluto by now.
Snapper Carr would have been let off with a very firm warning.


Anonymous said...

He has such a cool surname.

Charlie Horse 47 said...

KD - I want you to notice how succinct the others are (all British I think). And I want you to especially notice how efficient Colin J is. He cast his vote in 6 words!

I think you and I should go sit in the corner and eat our Christmas pie and leave this respectable blog alone for a while! (I love eating pie. Hey - I wonder if I stick in my thumb will I pull out a plum?)

Anonymous said...

But we'd miss you and Killdumpster, Charlie :)

Charlie Horse 47 said...

Thanks Colin!

Well in all seriousness, sort of, KD and I have perhaps accounted for a disproportionate share of the postings at times, and do NOT want to be a nuisance.

For the record, KD and I have never met. He lives 750 miles away in Pittsburgh area and I am in the Chicago area. If someone had said, in 1970, 80, 90 or 00 that I would be engaged in debates about the relative merits of 100%-stupid Rick Jones, with some guy who goes by the name of Killdumpster, I'd have said, "Put down the herb of wisdom and smoke some reality, lol"

All that aside, I do wish all you gents a Merry Christmas and / or Happy Holiday. It's been a really fun year. And thanks to Steve for making it possible!