Friday, 11 February 2011

Annuals I wish I'd had. Part One.

As I roam the streets of Sheffield, one of the things I get asked most often is, "Steve, when you walk into a room, do you have a theme tune playing in your head, to herald your arrival?"

And I say, "Why yes. I do. It's this:

"with its pounding timpani, blaring fanfares and spaced-out electro-funk, I like to feel it captures me perfectly."

But of course, even when you've got the fact that you're the hugely successful creator of one of the Internet's most fabulously fabulous blogs to keep you warm at nights, it's not all plain sailing. And so this... what I have playing in my head when something bad's happened to me, such as I've run out of biscuits.

I must admit this post has only a tenuous link with comics but it does have one, as I own several
Space: 1999 annuals but I'm not aware that there was ever a Sweeney annual. Possibly such lines as, "Get your knickers on, you slag, you're nicked," were, on reflection, unsuitable for children - although that never stopped me, or any other kid I knew, from watching it.

Come to think of it, I don't think there ever was an I Claudius annual either. I can't deny I always saw a kindred spirit in Caligula. If only he'd had his own theme tune - and a blog - like I have, I like to feel it'd all have turned out so much better for him and he would never have had to utter that immortal line, "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"


cerebus660 said...

I'm sure I saw an I, Claudius Annual in a charity shop once - next to the Singing Detective Annual and the Panorama Storybook...

Steve said...

Was it next to the Borgias' Bumper Funbook?

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