Saturday, 5 February 2011

Phwoar! Steve Goes Sexy.

As expected, the nominations have come flooding in from all corners of the globe, and we have our list of contenders for the title of the sexiest character in the history of comic books. Thanks to everyone who replied. It's quite a list and the nominees are: 

The Black Canary
Mary Jane Watson
Gwen Stacy
Sue Storm
The Black Widow
Phoenix (the X-Men one, not the Atlas Comics' one)
The Daughters Of The Dragon
Val from SHIELD

If your favourite isn't on there - and mine isn't because I forgot to nominate anyone - I'm afraid it's too late. But don't forget to vote in the poll. Remember, entire civilisations could stand or fall on the results of it. All correspondence on the matter can of course be posted in the box below.

1 comment:

Steve said...

From that list, I've voted for Gwen Stacy. Before she was dead, obviously. After she died I sort of went off her.