Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ka-Zar vs Tarzan: Poll Results!

Ka-Zar and Zabu
Ka-Zar takes it out on the neighbours!
Ho, Zabu! What strange and new madness befalls the Savage Land?

This kind of madness - because the results are in from Steve Does Comics' poll to discover who's the best jungle lord; Tarzan of the apes or Ka-Zar, lord of the Hidden land!

It was an epic struggle, featuring two characters who think nothing of walking down the street in a loin cloth or of killing everything in sight to prove how great they are.

Still, eventually we got a winner.

And that winner is...


That's right, in a decision to send the most rational of jungle lords on an enraged quest to stab even more dinosaurs, you the reader have voted in favour of Tarzan, by a margin of eight votes to four.
Tarzan, king of the jungle
Take this, Tibbles! Nothing can stop me now! Nothing!

Sadly, this means Lord Plunder must now settle for being evicted from his tree-house to make way for Lord Greystoke, leaving him to live in a caravan in Morecambe where there's barely a dinosaur in sight but they do have a lovely bird sanctuary for him to terrorise. Those ducks aren't going to know what's hit them.

But oh the bitter shame and disappointment.

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