Monday, 19 September 2011

Mantis vs Moondragon: Poll results.

Avengers #114, Mantis
As Mantis was always telling us, strength is as nothing beside skill.

But now it seems a bald head is as nothing beside a pair of antennae, because the sensational results are in from our sensational poll to discover which of Moondragon or Mantis you'd marry if you were a tree.

And the answer is...


Yes, by a mighty eleven votes to five, you voted for the Vietnamese Vixen.

I must admit I voted that way too, mostly because she ran around barefoot and I like to think that if I were vegetation I'd prefer a woman who didn't clomp around in big nasty boots.

Poor old Moondragon. First passed over by the Cotati plant people, now passed over by you the reader. Is there to be no end to the poor girl's humiliation?

Still, at least she's taking it well.

The Avengers, Moondragon crying
Then again...

Oh pull yourself together woman. It's only a tree you've been rejected by. It's not like it's anyone classy.

PS. A great big Steve Does Comics No-Prize goes to the first person who can tell me which comic the picture of Moondragon crying comes from and the real reason she was blubbiing.


pete doree said...

Was it that Two-In-One one where she dug up Adam Warlock only to find he was actually completely dead? BTW I would've voted for Mantis too. Sure she was high maintenance, but Moondragon was far far worse, without even the mitigating factor of naturally curly hair.

cerebus660 said...

It was a tough choice: a man-hating Sinead O'Connor lookalike or a Kung Fu fightin' former prostitute who refers to herself as "This One" all the time. Funnily enough, I voted for Mantis...

Steve W. said...

@Pete. Sorry. I'm afraid that's not where the Moondragon pic comes from.

@cerebus. I'm glad to have it confirmed by someone else that she was a prostitute. I always wondered if I was reading it wrong in assuming she was.

pete doree said...

Actualy, what's really amusing is when she later turned up in Engleharts Scorpio Rose as a drudge of a housewife / single mum with no sign of the tree ( who'd presumably left her for, let's say, Clea )

Anonymous said...

Was it that issue of Marvel Team Up where she, Spider-Man and a few others go back in time to the Salem witch hunts?

B Smith

Anonymous said...

No, wait on - it was that issue of the Avengers (about #143 or thereabouts) where Kang overloads himself power-wise and blows himself to pieces - Immortus then appears and says that since he was a future incarnation of Kang, it means that he and Rama Tut never were, etc etc....whereupon Moondragon sheds a tear.

Is this it...proof that I have no life?

B Smith (again)

Steve W. said...

@B, congratulations, that is indeed the story the Moondragon pic comes from. Help yourself to a Steve Does Comics No-Prize. Remember to always use it wisely for, as a great man once said, with no power comes no responsibility.

@Pete. I just wonder if her kids ever decided to trace their family tree.

I'll get my coat. :(

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