Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sheffield's Most Wanted. Part 6: Batman Limited Collector's Edition.

DC Comics, Batman Limited Collector's Edition, Neal Adams
While Mantis takes a breather, pondering the twists and turns of her battle with the Star-Stalker, it's time for me to slide down the Batpole of Nostalgia, into the Batcave of Reverie, into the Batmobile of Memory and out onto the streets of Comicdom City to consider yet another mag I always wanted as a kid but never got.

You may just have guessed from my subtle intro that this time out it's Batman and his Limited Collector's Edition.

Sadly, even though I was indeed a limited collector, I never managed to come by a copy of it.

But one look at that Neal Adams cover, showing Batman running around in mud, when he should've had the sense to make Alfred do that, should be enough to explain why I wanted it.

Nor was the cover the only secret of its allure. If the accompanying blurb was to be believed, the mag had 6 spine-tingling stories, 3 super-size pin-ups, a guide on how to draw Batman, and yet another 3D diorama cut-out.

I'm telling you; if only I'd had all those collector's editions, my life would've been so 3D that I'd've ended up with a sense of depth that would've left me thinking Radiohead sounded like Wham.


AngelHeart09 said...

I just wanted to say i happen to have Batman # C-25 as well as superman # C-26 and Wonder Women # F-6 kind of wondering what they are worth... Email me if any info or - thanks

Steve W. said...

I'm afraid I don't have a clue what they're worth. I doubt it'll be a fortune, but don't take my word on that, as my ignorance when it comes to DC Collectors' Editions is near-total. Plus, it all depends what kind of condition they're in.

Anonymous said...

Any comic is basically worth whatever the buyer is willing and able to pay for it.

Bits61 said...

I happen to have that one right now. Watch for it on E-bay if you are still looking! :D

Steve W. said...

Thanks for the tip-off, Bits. Sadly, lack of space in my home means I'm currently having to fight off the urge to buy any more comics right now.

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