Friday, 2 September 2011

September 1971. Forty years ago today.

It's September - and that means just one thing; goodbye to summer and hello to autumn, as Steve Does Comics looks once again at what our favourite Marvel heroes were up to exactly forty years ago.

Does the sun's feeble surrender to the fickle overtures of Winter's Beckoning Herald mean the fight'll likewise fade from the hearts of our heroes?

Of course it doesn't. They're just as willing to punch people in the bracket as they always were.

Amazing Spider-Man #100

The Amazing Spider-Man celebrates his 100th issue by having a nightmare involving just about every major foe he's ever had, and then caps it all off by waking up with six arms - a problem I likewise had when this blog reached its 100th post. I still recall the life or death struggle with a living vampire that ensued.
Captain America and the Falcon #141, the Grey Gargoyle

The Grey Gargoyle's still causing trouble for Captain America and the Falcon.
Conan the Barbarian #9, Barry Smith

Who'd win a fight between Conan the Barbarian and Batman? Conan would of course.

And here's where he proves it as he finds himself up against a flying bat-man and his scary garden.
Daredevil #80, the Owl returns

It's the Owl - back by reader demand!

Are they really sure about that?
Fantastic Four #114, the Over-Mind

I've never read this one but it looks like there's plenty going on as the Fantastic Four tangle with their own pogo plane while the Human Torch, erm...

No, I admit it. I don't have a clue what's happening.
Incredible Hulk #143, Dr Doom

At last, the Incredible Hulk finally gets round to battling Dr Doom, as Vic decides Purple Pants is just the servant he needs for his fiendish plans.

Oh, Victor, will you never learn?
Iron Man #41, the Slasher

Iron Man battles a man who can melt his armour. How can our tin-clad titan hope to win?

More to the point, what the hell kind of costume is the bad guy wearing, why's he called the Slasher if his schtick is melting things, and just what are those things sticking out of his head?
Thor #192, Durok the Demolisher

One of my faves, as Thor takes on the unstoppable Durok the Demolisher.

Just look at him go. I reckon Durok'd flatten Doomsday.
Avengers #92, Neal Adams cover

Can it be true? The Avengers disbanded?

It can, as Neal Adams contributes his first Avengers cover and the Kree/Skrull War rumbles ever onward.


Kid said...

Isn't it scary being able to remember back 40 years? I felt I'd been around forever 40 years ago, and I was still only a child. Great comics 'though.

Steve W. said...

What does scare me is that, in 1971, 40 years ago was 1931, which really does put it in perspective.

The Reviewer said...

You have a class site my friend.

When you have the time, check out my site - - or my Teen Titans 100 review -

R. W. Watkins said...

I think Amazing Spider-Man Nos 100 through 102 may have contained the first truly divisive story arc in the history of the title. To this day, the vast majority of comics readers I've encountered either completely love it or completely loathe it. For some, it's where the '70s really begin for marvel--'the changing of the guard'; for others, it's the beginning of the end--period.

Personally, I thought Gil Kane drew the most memorable images of Gwen Stacy in these issues (as we've discussed before)--in her flat, wearing those tall boots. Also, Kane seems to have been taking considerable influence from the old late '60s animated Spider-Man at the time. Some of his images and angles tend to owe a lot to Seasons Two and Three (the Bakshi years).

Steve W. said...

When it comes to Spidey 100-102, I'm definitely in the "love it" camp. It has six arms. It has the Lizard. It has Morbius. It has a big, creepy house. It has Gil Kane. That's more than enough to keep me happy.

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