Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dr Strange's all-time greatest foe - Poll Results!

Strange Tales #130, Dr Strange defeated, the Thing in a wig
A wise man once said there's nothing in this life quite as magical as magic. He then went on to say there's nothing quite so circular as circles, and nothing quite so blue as blue. What a sage and a wit he was.

Reader, that sage was me. And that's why I took his advice and now make a point of arriving everywhere by hanging from a flying umbrella while trilling that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

But all this talk of magic can mean just one thing.

That it's time to announce the thrillsome-tastic results of our poll to discover just who is Dr Strange's greatest ever foe.

Many as the Moons of Munnopor were the votes, and many were the recipients:

Joint fifth, with one vote each, were Dracula and Nightmare.

Fourth, with three votes, was Baron Mordo.

Third, with four votes, was, "Marvel Editors."

Second, in what I see as a turn-up for the books, was Silver Dagger, with five votes.

But, to perhaps no one's surprise at all, the winner, with a walloping twelve votes, was that inflammable fiend of  infamy the Dread Dormammu. So, congratulations to the master of the Dark Dimension, and let's hope his success doesn't go to his head.

As always, thanks to all who voted - and commiserations to all those villains who failed to make the grade.


Boston Bill said...

I was actually keen to vote Mavel Editors as the chief baddie. I think the only post-Ditko stuff I ever consistently enjoyed was the Defenders.

But the Dread D deserves it! Ditko was the first to come up with such a powerful entity (and conveniently gave him a rigid code of ethics to make things workable)


Steve W. said...

I always think Dr Strange must be the toughest Marvel hero to write. I don't even know how you'd go about plotting for a hero who can basically do anything.

Dougie said...

Next Movember I want to try to grow the Baron Mordo (or the Doctor Bedlam).

B Smith said...

How does the Human Torch manage to wear a Beatle wig on the cover of that comic without it disappearing in a puff of flame??

Steve W. said...

Presumably Reed Richards has, for some reason, made him a Beatles wig with, "unstable molecules."

Either that or they made Beatles wigs from asbestos!

Pat said...

Yeah, Dormammu would have gotten my vote too, if I hadn't been caught up in the holiday stuff. Dr Strange is, in my opinion, the strongest piece of evidence that Ditko was responsible for the success of Spiderman.

david_b said...

I know a lot of folks didn't like Doc Strange in the Defenders because he was too 'super-heroic' for most purest tastes, but I loved 'im.

As for power.., hey, if he can bring down Galactus with a single gesture in FF ish 243, he's got my vote.

R. W. Watkins said...

I’m afraid I haven’t read enough Dr Strange stories to form an opinion regarding the mighty mystic’s greatest foe. I’m actually more familiar with his Charlton counterpart, Dr Graves. Like Strange, Graves was at his best when Steve Ditko was drawing him.

Lazarus Lupin said...

Missed the vote, but I would have said "marvel editors," they never seem to know what to do with Strange and that's just a crying shame.

Lazarus Lupin

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