Sunday, 22 January 2012

Your favourite Conan-related warrior woman of all time - Poll Results!

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Reader, has this anonymous layabout been voted
greatest warrior woman of all time? Only Steve
Does Comics can tell you.
"Crom!" have I declared many times, in the heat of battle, "It ofttimes seems there are none the world loves more than a warrior woman."

And it seems I was right because the results are in from our poll to find your favourite Conan-related battling bombshell of all time and, with a massive twenty nine votes, it may well be the most popular poll we've ever run.

So, with no further ado, let's get on with it.

Joint fifth, with one vote each, are Zenobia and Zuma. Clearly if you want to ride high in the Warrior Woman Stakes, it doesn't pay to have a name beginning with Z.

In joint third, with four votes, are Valeria and Generic Cover Girl #1. It's a great triumph for Generic Cover Girl #1 - putting, as she has, all other generic cover girls well and truly in their place. But no doubt Robert E Howard's very own Valeria will be disappointed to do no better than a woman who doesn't even have a name.

In second place, with nine votes, was Red Sonja. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be around her when she finds out she didn't win.

But at Number One, to the surprise of no one but me, it's Bêlit who just pipped Sonja at the post by gaining a massive ten votes. I suspect that Bêlit probably can't count, so, in all likelihood, she'll probably never be aware of her achievement. On top of that, she's been dead for 10,000 years and probably doesn't even have an Internet Service Provider.

Regardless, well done to Bêlit, commiserations to all other fighting females, and thank you, loyal reader, for voting.


Dougie said...

Hooray for Belit, who overcame death to fight a giant winged ape! But I didn't realise I could have voted for Leela, Dr. Who's mum (maybe!)
My S2 class couldn't stand Tom Baker("Why is he laughing? That's stupid.")but they loved Leela and now she's back on cd!

I read one Raven, Mistress of Chaos book in '80 or '81. It was rubbish.

Steve W. said...

Dougie, you can vote for Leela. She's on the new non-Conan-related warrior woman poll, which doesn't close till the 25th.

Dougie said...

Bizarro Doug no can read but am write!

While Valkyrie was pondering whether her emotions were actually Barbara's, Leela would have struck with a Janis Thorn.

Steve W. said...

I'm very heartened by how well Babs is doing in the new poll. After the disappointment of seeing Red Sonja lose to Belit, it's nice to see my favourite viking threatening to steal this one.

cerebus660 said...

For me, this was a toss-up (steady!) between Red Sonja and Valeria, stars of my two favourite Conan stories, The Song Of Red Sonja and Red Nails.

I voted for Valeria because she was so tough and self-reliant and her character didn't last long enough to be messed up like Sonja's did. And she looked fantastic as drawn by BWS!

Whalehead King said...

I know Red Sonja, but the only one I remember is Belit.

tharg said...

Gutted I missed this!! I'd have gone for Sonja as "The Song Of Red Sonja" is obviously the greatest story ever.

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