Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Your favourite non-Conan-related warrior woman of all time - Poll Results!

Boudicca, Boadicea, waving her arm around for some reason
Thanks to events of the other day, we all know just who's the greatest Conan-related warrior woman of all time. But that still leaves us with one loose end that I'm sure's haunted us all our lives. Just who is the greatest non-Conan-related warrior woman of them all?

As you'd expect from such a battle-hungry bunch, it was a hard-fought poll - and much blood was no doubt spilled - but at last we have our answers.

Joint fifth, with one vote each, were Boudicca, Xena, River Tam, Elektra, Hu San-Niang, Red Fox, Raven and Mad Max 2's Warrior Woman.

Joint third, with two votes each, were Thundra and Dr Who's Leela.

Second, with three votes, was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But the runaway winner, with a mighty nine votes, was my own personal favourite, Marvel Comics' Valkyrie, proving that not always knowing who you are needs be no obstacle to seeing off your rivals.

So, well done to Babs and Samantha and the Enchantress and any other people she's managed to be over the years, thanks to everyone who voted, and commiserations to all those warriors who didn't quite make the grade.


Boston Bill said...

Well done, Val. She seemed like a perfect fit into the Defenders from day one!

Oh, and I was always impressed with her ability to move in on friends Stephen Strange and Kyle Richmond without either one of them bringing up the matter of rent - an underrated super-power in True Believer's opinion!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that Buffy and Xena did not score higher. And Lara Croft, Sarah Connor, and Sarah (Witchblade) Pezzini. Also there was Dark Agnes (created by Robert E. Howard, but non-Conan). And it's disappointing that real-life warrior women didn't fare better. Deborah (from the Biblical book of Judges), Zenobia (there was a real one, not the Conan heroine), and Boudica. One would think that Boudica/Boadicea would be more popular with a British audience.

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