Monday, 20 February 2012

Captain America's greatest ever foe.

Captain America #104, Jack Kirby
A wise man once said that when Captain America throws his mighty shield, all who choose to oppose him must surely yield.

And yet still those opposers keep opposing.

What fools they be.

But what's bad news for them is good news for us, as it's time to ask the question of just who is Captain America's greatest ever foe.

Being a veteran of World War Two, Cap's been around a long time and has had plenty of opportunities to make enemies. There's Baron Zemo, a man with a paper bag stuck to his face, the Red Skull, a man with a rubber skull stuck to his face, and Modok, a man with a flying chair stuck to his face.

But, in all this face-happy action, we shouldn't forget those with other body parts, such as Batroc Ze Leapair, the Super-Adaptoid and Dr Faustus.

And who could forget the Human League haired beauty that was Madame Hydra?

But that's enough of my thoughts. Nominate your own favourite, in the comments box, and, as always, in a couple of days from now, I'll compile it all into a poll.

And then, at last, the world shall decide just who is Captain America's greatest ever foe.


Kid said...

H'm...Cap's greatest ever foe was the guy responsible for the awful movie from a good few years back. All I remember is that it was rotten and had Ned Beatty in it.

If not him (no, not Ned, the movie guy), then the Red Skull - boring as he is.

Dougie said...

My favourite Cap villain is The Tumbler. You might have thought he was the kind of celebrity-seeking schlub who'd be offered membership of the Avengers. But Cap was obviously sick of babysitting professional-victim mutant twins, an impudent carny, a depressed giant and his needy girlfriend.

Zemo was the most obsessive villain and Madame Hydra the most glamorous but the Madbomb faction were the most ideologically interesting.

Steve said...

I suggest Super-Patriot. Or Cap's own misguided morality.

Boston Bill said...

I say the Sleepers - Kirby's robot doomsday machines that had much more personality than most of his human enemies.

spiderkev said...

Baron Zemo;his hatred of Cap always seemed more personal to me than the Red Skulls',Zemo blames Cap for killing his father and ruining his face,Brrr.

Steve W. said...

Thanks for all your suggestions. The poll's now up, so nominations are now closed. :)

david_b said...

"Greatest Foe..?"

Frank Robbins.

(Sorry, couldn't resist..)

R. W. Watkins said...

The Yellow Claw...? Have we all forgotten that infamous politically incorrect creepy courtesy of the 'yellow peril'?

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