Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Top of the Pops 1977. Steve gets down with the kids.

Garbage lead singer and all-round sex goddess Shirley Ann Manson holds a microphone and leads forward as she sings live
By Rubenfh (Own work)
[GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Shirley Manson celebrates the launch of Steve's new
blog by eating a giant stick of Blackpool Rock.
As I roam the streets of Sheffield, teaching the street kids the latest Hip-Hop moves from Norway, they say to me, "Mr Steve, you're so in touch with all the cool sounds coming out right now, you ought to do a blog about it."

And I say to them, "It's funny you should mention that because BBC4's started doing a show called Top of the Pops 1977 which plays all the latest songs by all the latest acts, like Smokie, Leo Sayer and Gary Glitter and, by a coincidence beyond words, bearing in mind the totally spontaneous nature of the conversation I'm having with you right now, I'm planning to do a blog dedicated to my thoughts on each week's show."

"Jinkies!" they say and, "Zoinks! That sounds cool-a-reno, Daddy-O!"

I just ruffle their hair and tell them to get back on with spinning around on their heads like I've just shown them how to.

But, yes it's true. My latest blog - Steve Does Top of the Pops - is now amongst you. Each week - God willing - I'll be doing a running commentary on Top of the Pops 1977 and then posting it on the internet. Will it be a triumph like Steve Does Dr Who or a total disaster like Steve Does Everything? I like to feel it's that kind of doubt that makes it exciting. You can read the site's introduction here, and you can read the very first running commentary here.

Steve Does Top of the Pops, logoThanks for your time. And, remember, keep practising those breakdance moves or you'll never make it onto Top of the Pops.

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