Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The All-Time Greatest Super-Villain - You have decided!

New Gods #1, Darkseid holds the world in his hand, Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four #16, Dr Doom holds the FF in his hand as Ant-Man races to the rescue, Jack Kirby
Over the bank holiday, those of us lucky enough to live in Perfidious Albion have been thrilling to the clacking and thunking of the World Snooker Championships.

But Steve Does Comics has played host to a contest far more exciting than even a game of snooker - and that's the poll to decide just who is the greatest super-villain of them all.

Two made the final; Dr Doom and Darkseid. They're both men of ambition but which of them was to leave the table with a maximum break and which was to depart empty handed?

After a hard-fought contest involving thirty two votes, I can announce...

...that Dr Doom is the greatest super-villain of them all, with a mighty twenty seven votes to Darkseid's five.

So, well done to Doomy and hard luck to Darkseidy.

As always, thanks to all who voted. It just goes to show democracy can work.


cerebus660 said...

Perhaps they could form a Coalition? Oh, hang on, they already have...

Boston Bill said...

Omega effect, my ass!

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