Sunday, 27 May 2012

The nightmare monsters of Strange Tales - Part 2.

Reader -- Now it can be told! I created Toppic, the subject matter too big for one post to contain!

What can stop it?

What can defeat it?


Well, in that case, we might as well have the second part of our look at the nightmare monsters of Strange Tales.

Strange Tales, Mechano

When will people learn that no good ever comes from giving giant robots fists?
Strange Tales, Mister Morgan Monster

Is it just me or do those "people" in the background bear a noticeable resemblance to the Hulk's Toad Men from Outer Space?
Strange Tales, Orrgo

Surely one of the most memorable monsters ever to grace a comic book cover. Orrgo the Unconquerable.
Strange Tales, Pildorr the Plunderer

Pildorr the Plunderer.

I'm sure that story's fine but, personally, I'm more interested in reading the back-up tale Save Me From The Weed.
Strange Tales, The Sacrifice

I don't know what it is but my instincts tell me it's up to no good.
Strange Tales, the Scarecrow

If they built a scarecrow that size, what size were their crows?

Possibly the most bizarre monster ever to make a Strange Tales cover.
Strange Tales, Taboo

He might be named after a perfume but there's nothing sweet about Taboo!
Strange Tales, Taboo returns

Taboo returns.
Strange Tales, the Sphinx

Just how many times over the years has the comic book universe seen the Sphinx come to life? You'd think they'd all be used to it by now.
Strange Tales, The Thing

Why do I expect the Fantastic Four to appear whenever I see this cover?
Strange Tales, the Two-Headed Thing

Who said two heads are better than one?
Strange Tales, Zzutak

The injustice of it all. Zzutak gets a cover credit and his opponent doesn't.


Kid said...

If you actually had all of those comics you'd be a very rich man. Wouldn't that be nice? Great covers - in a kind of 'strange' way.

Dougie said...

Excellent! I first met Taboo in Where Monsters Dwell and Zzutak in Fear.

Boston Bill said...

That cover to 79 (The THING!) also looks like Jack re-used the image for the appearance of his giant monster in FF number 1.

Anonymous said...

Issue79 is a Kirby cover as are most of them. if not the full cover he did the layouts. Except for the last one, Ditko did those monsters, Kirby did the figures in the foreground. Kirby did the vast majority of the covers for strange tales.

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