Friday, 25 May 2012

The nightmare monsters of Strange Tales - Part 1.

Tremble, puny humans! It is I -- Bloggurr, the thing from the search engine!

As we discovered the other day, Tales to Astonish had more than its fair share of monsters.

But it was nothing compared to Strange Tales.

So many are the monsters that mag inflicted on us, before Dr Strange came along to make sure we need never worry about monsters again, that I'm going to have to break this post down into two parts just to fit them all in.

Strange Tales Colossus

Speaking of things that struggle to fit in, it's the Colossus!

Strange Tales, No human can beat me

He doesn't have a name but he doesn't need one because no human can beat him.

Somehow I suspect that, in this very tale, one does.

Strange Tales Dragoom

Dragoom - the flaming intruder!

And a flaming nuisance.

I remember reading this tale in one of Marvel's 1970s reprint mags. Sadly, I don't recall what happened in it.

Strange Tales Fin Fang Foom

A legend is born!

Fin Fang Foom is on the rampage.

And how long can it be before he starts to use the Great Wall of China as a whip?
Strange Tales Gargantus

Gargantus. The thing that walks like a man!

Strange Tales Gargantus returns

Gargantus - the thing that still walks like a man.

Strange Tales Gorgolla

Gorgolla. A monster so hard he steals Gorgilla's name.
Strange Tales Grogg


This is another one I read in a Marvel reprint mag. I seem to recall it was one of my favourite elderly Marvel monster tales.
Strange Tales Grogg returns

Clearly I wasn't the only one to like him, because Grogg is back.
Strange Tales Grottu


You can't go wrong with a giant ant.
Strange Tales It


I think they could've made a bit more effort when it came to naming the thing. Given Stan Lee's propensity for adding superfluous consonants, could they not at least have called it "Itt"?
Strange Tales Magneto

Argh! They've made a monkey out of Magneto.

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Kid said...

Some great covers in that line-up. The 2nd one is particularly good.

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