Wednesday 26 January 2011

Conan and Red Sonja smite the one thousand.

Conan the Barbarian #44, Red Sonja, John Buscema and Neal Adams
Congratulations to my snappily titled post Neal Adams, John Buscema and Red Sonja makes three. Conan the Barbarian #44, which has just become the the first ever post on Steve Does Comics to reach the 1,000 page-views mark.

Admittedly, some people might say that congratulating blog-posts for getting page views is a bit sad and a bit like congratulating a balloon for inflating but I feel one should celebrate every triumph in life, no matter how petty. So, congratulations to it regardless.

Those who wish to congratulate the post on its awesome achievement may do so in the Comments Box below.


Simon B said...

Hey, Snappily-Titled Post! How are you? I'm glad you've done so well. 1000 page views? Quite an achievement. I've heard some bloke named Steve is trying to get all the credit for your hard work...

Snappily-Titled Post said...

I'm very well, thank you but worried that "Superman vs Spider-Man: World's Apart" is catching me up fast. Clearly some sabotage will be needed.

As for that Steve; don't believe anything he writes. He's nothing but a charlatan and all his posts are written for him by his battery-powered dalek. Once the batteries on that go, he's finished.