Monday, 31 January 2011

Spider-Man Reboot: new costume pictures released.

When I say released, I don't know if they've been released or if they escaped but I do know they have copyright notices plastered all over them and I'm a raging coward, so no way am I posting them on here. They can however be found at this site and I have to say that, from these pics, the costume looks absolutely dreadful.

What's with the red stripe running down Spider-Man's legs - and the metallic carpet slippers? As for Spidey's mask, I do wonder if they're trying to make his costume look even worse than the old 1970s' Nicholas Hammond TV version in order to win some sort of a bet.

Obviously, the costume isn't everything but the stills we've seen so far mean my hopes of the film matching up to the first two Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies aren't exactly stratospheric.


Wil said...

No-one in film land ever learns. They always have to fiddle and it always fails.

Steve said...

I'm just hoping they make up for it with great writing, acting and directing. The fact they've got the costume so badly wrong doesn't give me much hope but at least the casting seems promising, so they might surprise me yet.