Thursday, 27 January 2011

SDC goes LCD.

Whenever people visit my house and see my crank-starting television, they say to me, "Steve, what're you doing with that thing in your house? An LCD - that's what you need. An LCD."

Why they think I need a lowest common denominator I've no idea but other people are usually right and I'm usually wrong, so, here it is, Steve Does Comics' Lowest Common Denominator. And that means it's time for our greatest ever poll.

As we all know, comic book characters look better than the rest of us. When I say, "Us," I of course don't mean me. Despite being repeatedly smashed in the face in my years of fighting evil, I'm still pretty. But comic book characters look better than other people - you know, the ordinary people. So, of the various comic book characters we grew up reading in the 1960s and 70s, who, in your opinion, has been the sexiest?

Needless to say, this is open to all genders. Male and female characters alike are welcome. This isn't Sky Sports and there's no place for all that discrimination on this blog. Why, even now I'm fighting a constant battle for women in Sweden to get the vote. Granted, women in Sweden have had the vote since 1921 but, as a fighter of evil, I was always taught that complacency is the greatest enemy of freedom and so, ninety years after Swedish women got the vote, I'm still fighting for them to get it. I like to think the Swedish Embassy lives in fear of me.

So, let's think for a moment, to contemplate the subject and to cram my post with the keywords needed for valuable Search Engine Optimization, what sort of contenders are there?

At DC, there were the likes of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, the Black Orchid, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and the Black Canary.

Marvel gave us a whole heap more. The Defenders gave us the Valkyrie, the female Red Guardian and Hellcat. The Avengers gave us the Wondrous Wasp, the Scarlet Witch, Mantis, and Moondragon. From the Fantastic Four, there were The Invisible Girl, Crystal, Medusa and Thundra. The X-Men gave us Jean Grey, Polaris and Storm. Then there were the solo acts like She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Shanna the She-Devil and Red Sonja. In terms of the non-super-heroic, there was Lois Lane, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson. Who could forget Sif and Hela? And what of Millie the Model? When it came to the men, there was, erm, Thor, Ka-Zar, the Abomination and, erm, Annihilus.

Regardless, I shall leave the window for nominations open for a week, hope no burglars get in and, at the end of that week aim to have a full and varied non-sexist list of the sexy to go in my planned poll, although I have no doubt I'll probably have a list of two characters, one of which will be Krypto the Super-Dog.

LCD. You have to have an LCD.

PS. Did I mention I want your nominations?


Kathleen said...

are you kidding? EVERYONE needs a lowest common denominator. how do you live without one???
as for sexiest comic book character... no one wants to know mine, lol ;)

Steve said...

Hello, Kathleen, it's nice to hear from you.

I get a feeling this is going to end up like one of those old-style Warsaw Pact elections, with only one candidate standing. Trouble is, which candidate should I put forward?

cerebus660 said...


Steve said...

Stalin was a comic book character?

Are you thinking of Jim Stalin, the legendary creator who ruled the USSR with a rod of iron while giving us a good dose of Warlock every month?

Aggy said...

Cheating slightly but...

Lightning comics Hellina - Good girl in a Bad Girls body

Black Canary.... its the fishnet and boots...

cerebus660 said...

OK, sexiest comic book character(s):

For me, it all depends on the artist so...
John Romita's Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Sue Storm
Gene Colan's Black Widow
John Byrne's Phoenix
Marshall Rogers' Daughters Of The Dragon ( token obscure choice! )
Steranko's Contessa Valentina Allegro De Fontaine ( Val from SHIELD )

And from the NSFW department:
Manara's Gullivera
Serpieri's Druuna

I'm going for a cold shower now.....

cerebus660 said...

Strange but true: word verification word for my last comment: "logabint"

Steve said...

Nominations are now closed for the poll. Thanks to everyone who made their voice heard.