Thursday, 6 January 2011

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. New Spider-Man movie photos.

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, & Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie
News has reached the Steve Does Comics throne room that on-set shots from the new Spider-Man movie can be found here. Personally I'm pleased they decided to reboot the franchise. Ted Raimi's first two Spider-Mans are my favourite super-hero films of all time but, for me, Peter Parker should always be a teenager and therefore they can't stick with the same cast members forever.

Big hair aside, Andrew Garfield looks much more like Peter Parker to me than Tobey Maguire ever did but I do have to admit that, as far as Emma Stone goes, that's not really how I see Gwen Stacy. Isn't Captain Stacy's favourite daughter supposed to have eyes?

Still, she's got the Gwen Stacy boots on and, as my more long-suffering regular readers will know, for me, when it comes to comic book characters, it's all about the boots. Sadly, it would appear there's no place in the movie for Mary Jane Watson.

Supposedly the villain's going to be The Lizard. This is good news. This site has and will always have a large place in its heart for The Kangaroo but, in that heart, Doctor Curt Connors' evil alter-ego will always rule supreme.

But will the herpetological heel be defeated by talcum powder as he once was in the original comics?

Only time - and the insanity of the scriptwriters - will tell.


R. W. Watkins said...

The new Parker looks like a total idiot.

Steve W. said...

I like him. I always feel Peter Parker should look a bit hapless.

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