Monday, 24 October 2011

The Fantastic Four's all-time greatest villain. Poll results!

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Flame off, team-mates. Clobbering time is well and truly over because the results are in from Steve Does Comics' breathless poll to discover the Fantastic Four's greatest villain of all time.

I could claim it was a close-run thing but the truth is that, to possibly no one's surprise but Diablo's, Dr Doom ran away with it, coming out on top with a crushing nine votes.

In second place was the Sub-Mariner, with just two votes, while Galactus had to settle for a mere one vote.

Not to be outdone, Hockey Stick Head matched Galactus stride-for-stride by also getting one vote, meaning Hockey Stick Head is officially the joint third-greatest Fantastic Four villain of all time.

No I don't know who he is either, and neither do Mr Google and Mr Wikipedia, but a good villain never let a small problem like non-existence get him down.

As always, thanks to everyone who voted.

Dr Doom
  9 (69%)
  0 (0%)
  1 (7%)
  2 (15%)
The Impossible Man
  0 (0%)
The Frightful Four
  0 (0%)
Hockey Stick Head
  1 (7%)
The Black Panther
  0 (0%)
The Red Ghost and/or his apes
  0 (0%)


Kid said...

I voted for Doom - but he was holding a gun to my head at the time.

Anonymous said...

So you lot of sheep voted for Dr. Doom, may I suggest with such unimaginative and lemming like behaviour you should consider Latveria as your next place of residence?

Steve W. said...

Clearly a fan of Hockey Stick Head there.

Pat said...

BTW, Hockey-Stick Head is Galactus.


Bear Boy said...

Does that make the poll invalid? Can we run it again?

Dougie said...

I thought "Hockey-Stick Head" was a reference to Gaard, the alternate-Earth Johnny Storm (and cosmic ice-hockey player). I feel a bit stupid to realise it was the Purple Planet-Eater all along. so,appropriately, my captcha today is "fumbo".

Don Hudson said...

I think The Sub-Mariner provided a lot of interesting storylines.

Boston Bill said...

I figured Hockey Stick Head to be Galactus, as those two things on the side of his head do look like the business ends of hockey sticks. So Galactus fared better than you thought.

Steve W. said...

I must admit that I too thought Hockey Stick Head might be Gaard but, in light of such exciting new disclosure, it gives me pleasure to announce that Galactus may or may not have got two votes and not one.

Either way, Doom is still the Victor (did you spot what I did there?).

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