Monday, 31 October 2011

It's Halloween! Down to the bare bones: The Top Ten greatest skeletons on Weird War Tales covers.

Hooray! It's that magical time of year again, when the dead rise from their graves and pester the living. It's good news for fans of Jimmy Savile but what about the rest of us?

Well, such an occurrence can only mean one thing.


Thus it is that Steve Does Comics looks at what I reckon are the Top Ten skeletons ever to grace the cover of Weird War Tales. As always with Steve Does Comics, it's hard-hitting, it's controversial, it's a debate likely to tear the Internet itself asunder. But here we go...

Weird War Tales #31
It's not just a skeleton. It's a skeleton with a pet skeleton.

Weird War Tales #29
Just when you think it's safe to pop down to the beach, those pesky skeletons come up at you from under it. That's the last time I ever go to Skegness.

Weird War Tales #15
This time of year, even the clouds want in on the skeleton action.

Weird War Tales #26
One of Britain's finest war heroes once claimed they don't like it up 'em. Here's someone about to put that theory to the test.

Weird War Tales #23
What's the use of being a skeleton if you can't have a weird flying bird-thing to flap around on and cause even more consternation with?

Weird War Tales #30
Beckoning. Beckoning.

Weird War Tales #25
All because you're a skeleton doesn't mean you can't be an artist.

Weird War Tales #18
They still don't like it up 'em.

Weird War Tales #24
It's even more beckoning - but this time with the Clawing Hands of Horror.

Weird War Tales #27
Just when you think they've run out of skeletons, they send on the sub.


Steve said...

Skellingtons AND a Jimmy Savile joke? Well played, sir, well played.

Steve W. said...

I couldn't let the passing of Jimmy go unmentioned. He may have been a very strange man but he was a national institution.

Steve W. said...

First Betty Driver and now Jimmy Savile. When will all this dying end?

Steve W. said...

PS. I don't expect an answer to that question any time soon.

Kid said...

Don't you mean that Jimmy should have been IN an institution? National or otherwise.

Steve W. said...

Poor old Jimmy. Will we ever see his like again?

Don Hudson said...

The skeleton as sketch artist freaked me out.

R. W. Watkins said...

Well, I have a very rickety copy of No 29--that's it from the Top Ten.

I've always thought that Weird War Tales front covers beat out Megadeth album covers by nearly fifteen years.

Steve W. said...

I think I've owned every one except #26 at some point.

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