Monday, 10 October 2011

Six-Armed Spider-Man: Poll Results!

Amazing Spider-Man #101, Morbius and the six-armed Spider-Man
The poll results are in and, after all these decades of controversy, you - the World - have decided you love Six-Armed Spider-Man; with ten of you voting for, "Like," six voting for, "Loathe," and four deciding that, after forty years, you still haven't made your mind up. Truly this is the Steve Does Comics Age of Democracy.

Faced with this result, I think we have to say Marvel now have no choice but to bring back Six-Armed Spider-Man.

Not only that but I'd say so decisive a result means they have to give all their characters six arms from now on. We demand Six-Armed Ant-Man, Six-Armed Deathlok and Six-Armed Galactus.

Admittedly this means Dr Octopus would now have twelve limbs, meaning they'll have to rename him Dr Dodecapus but what do we care? In all revolutions there have to be casualties.

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