Saturday, 8 October 2011

Steve Does Comics' 100,000th Anniversary Special! Sheffield's Most Wanted. Part 10: Batman Limited Collector's Edition. All-Villain Issue.

Batman Limited Collector's Edition, Jim Aparo cover
Wham! Bam! Splokk! And whatever other sound effects you can think of - because, like a drunk smashing majestically through a plate-glass window, Steve Does Comics has finally crashed through the 100,000 page-views mark.

With this blog's usual Route One approach, that'd normally be my cue to post a picture of the cover of issue #100,000 of various comics and pass comments on them along the lines of, "I've never read this one and don't have a clue what happens in it."

Sadly, thanks to the major comics publishers' habit of relaunching their titles every few years, we're never likely to see a comic hit the 100,000 issue mark. So, instead I'll ramble on about yet another comic I always wanted as a kid but never had. This time out, it's another of Batman's Limited Collector's Editions.

I always loved the way Jim Aparo drew torsos, so this was always going to appeal to me. Surely only the terminally unexcitable could fail to be aroused by the sight of our felon-bashing fledermaus reacting dramatically to the sight of his deadliest foes being Bat-Signalled into a purple dusk. You also have to dig that cape too. The way Aparo used to draw it, it was practically a character in its own right.

Marvel UK, Avengers Weekly #9
Steve Does Comics: How it all
began, 100,000 years ago.
Click the pic to go there.
If the cover blurb's to be believed, there's all the usual features one expects of a DC Limited Collector's Edition but you also get a giant pin-up plan of the Batcave - which means that all the villains on the cover had to do was buy a copy of the comic and they'd have access to all of Batman's greatest secrets.

Why, with knowledge like that, it could only be a matter of time before Two-Face stole Bats' giant coin.

And then what would our hero do if he ever encountered a giant bubble-gum machine and had no giant money with which to buy a circular ball of latex he'd be scared to swallow in case it wrapped itself round his intestines?


cerebus660 said...

100,000 years of Steve Does Comics? And it seems like only yesterday... etc. etc.

Congratulations, mate! Keep on keepin' on!!

Kid said...

I think I've worked out why some of my comments weren't appearing. I have to sign in directly to my blog page, NOT sign in to Google first ('though it's the same user name and password) before going to my blog. Never used to make a difference.

Steve W. said...

@cerebus. Thanks, cerebus. To think, I started this blog way back when the Internet was in black and white and everyone had to wear a dinner jacket to appear on it.

@Kid. The ways of Google are mysterious indeed.

cerebus660 said...

I still wear my DJ! Standards certainly are slipping nowadays...

Word verification: "mingli"... Ming's more sociable brother?

Kid said...

Steve, I've removed my puppies (oo-er, missus) - see if that stops my page jumping down to the bottom.

Steve W. said...

I can officially confirm that your puppies were not to blame.

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