Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spider-Man's all-time greatest villain: Poll Results!

Spider-Man, Mysterio, Dr Octopus, Jackal, Morbius, Vulture
Walloping Websnappers, the results are in from the first stage in Steve Does Comics' epic quest to find the greatest super-villain of all time.

 And the vote for who's Spider-Man's greatest foe has given a resounding victory to that boggle-eyed bounder of badness the Green Goblin. It might be unlucky for some but not for Norman Osborn's worse half who gained a pumpkintastic thirteen votes.

Second was J Jonah Jameson with six votes.

Doc Ock managed five votes.

"Himself," and the Kingpin both managed two votes, while the Shocker, the Scorpion  and my own personal favourite the Lizard managed just one.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and my condolences to all those super-villains who had to walk away empty-handed.

With thirty one votes, it was this site's most responded-to poll so far and, here, at a glance, is how it all went:

Doc Ock
  5 (16%)
Green Goblin
  13 (41%)
The Rhino
  0 (0%)
The Scorpion
  1 (3%)
J Jonah Jameson
  6 (19%)
  2 (6%)
The Lizard
  1 (3%)
The Sandman
  0 (0%)
The Kangaroo
  0 (0%)
The Gibbon
  0 (0%)
Molten Man
  0 (0%)
  2 (6%)
  0 (0%)
The Chameleon
  0 (0%)
The Looter
  0 (0%)
  0 (0%)
The Vulture
  0 (0%)
The Shocker
  1 (3%)


Anonymous said...

I voted for HIMSELF. (Though I did suggest Electro initially.) Spidey has been the grim reaper to all those associated with him. Brought death and misfortune to many but in particular: Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Captain Stacey, Qwen Stacey...the latter unforgivable, a consequence of a wrong lifestyle. As a superhero he always wins, as Parker he loses!
Noticed Kraven the Hunter not in the list of greatest villains, even though he has appeared many times. (More often than this reader liked.)

Steve W. said...

I've always liked Kraven but, sadly, no one nominated him. :(

R. W. Watkins said...

It was a tough decision, but I had no other choice but to vote for awful Ocky.

I'm afraid the bad doctor's costume and associated super-talents were more cleverly designed than those of anyone else's in Marveldom--possibly in all of mainstream superhero, er, -villain comics. Also, Doc Octavious's Octopus alter-ego better suited him than Norman Osborne's Green Goblin.

But didn't the original Goblin, you ask, provide the impetus for the best classic story arcs? Well, I've always felt it was a toss-up between him and Doc Ock. Also, I think Ock provided more darkly humourous moments. Remember when he started lodging at Aunt May's and Mrs Watson's in No 153, and his tinkering upstairs would result in the television downstairs going on the blink? 'Doctor Octavious can help you with your homework, Peter,' chimed Aunt May. Priceless.

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