Monday, 5 March 2012

Marvel's all-time greatest villain - Those who fall between the cracks!

Over the last couple of days, the people of Russia have been busy with the election to find their new president. With Vladimir Putin yet again claiming victory, many have been the protests against the result, and many have been the protests in favour. But what does that matter when there's a far bigger vote taking place right here on Steve Does Comics?

That's right, after what feels like an eternity, our quest to find Marvel's greatest super-villain of them all's finally approaching its climax.

So far we've conducted polls to find the #1 enemy of each of Marvel's main heroes - and these're the villains who've so far made our short-list:

The Red Skull.
The Gladiator.
The Mandarin.
The Leader.
Dr Doom.
The Green Goblin.

But with super-villains, nothing is ever simple because there're villains who're enemies of not-major-heroes or of no one in particular. Some, like Mephisto, are so clearly the main enemy of their allotted hero that there seemed no point having a poll for them.

So, which Marvel villains who didn't make the above short-list would you nominate as your favourite? As well as Mephisto, there're obvious absentees from that roll-call, such as Thanos, the Magus, Attuma, the Sphinx, Dr Sun and, erm, Maa-Gor.

As always, a couple of days from now, I'll put your nominations in a poll - and then at last we'll be able to conduct the ultimate vote to find Marvel Comics' greatest super-villain of them all.


Dougie said...

Maximus the Mad had a fabulous Kirby wardrobe of increasingly-grandiose costumes that were probably the envy of Odin. But he's clearly the arch-foe of the Inhumans.

I dig the Yellow Claw in the Steranko SHIELD stories and Fu Manchu is pretty scary in Shang-Chi but these are heinous ethnic stereotypes to modern sensibilities.

So I'm voting for Dracula, Lord of the Undead.

spiderkev said...

Thanos rules,he would mop the floor with any of those ptetenders.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh big category have to say Thanos is pretty cool as are The Yellow Claw the Vulture, Doc Ock, Electro and Kang but for me its gotta be the Abomination cool and scary......oh the Eel and Paste Pot Pete (ok maybe not) = McSCOTTY

R. W. Watkins said...

I'm nominating The Yellow Claw. A few of us have been talking about him lately; it's about time we gave him his moment in the sun.

Steve W. said...

Thanks for all your suggestions. The poll's now up, so nominations are now closed. :)

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