Saturday, 17 March 2012

Marvel's greatest villain - The Grand Final!

It's been an ordeal that's dragged on longer than the Clone Saga but at last it hits its conclusion as we reach the Grand Finale of Steve Does Comics' quest to find the greatest Marvel villain of them all. Many were nominated and many fell but, after what seems like endless years of voting, we have eleven men standing.

And what a sinister melange of menace we have, with some of the finest role models any of us could ever demand. Like Dr Doom, I hide my face behind a mask of steel. Like the Mandarin, I have the power to fire black light at my enemies. Like Ultron, I am made entirely of metal. And, like Paste Pot Pete, I didn't make the list.

The poll's now up, so don't forget to vote - you never know when you may again be granted such power over so much evil.

1 comment:

Dougie said...

It has to be Dr. Doom. Why, in Latveria, his devoted subjects dance in the streets at the merest mention of his name.

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