Friday 23 March 2012

Marvel's all-time greatest villain. The Grand Final - Poll Results!

A wise man once declared that everything must end. In fact it was Dr Who. He said it just before exploding a villain. And such talk of villains and endings can mean only one thing because at last Steve Does Comics' bid to name the greatest Marvel villain of them all's reached its senses-shattering conclusion.

Fittingly for such an important event, it was the most voted-on poll in Steve Does Comics' history, with a mammoth 45 votes.

All the villains featured were of course legends in their own right - and role models to us all - but someone had to lose out, so, just how did your favourite do?

In joint fifth, with one vote each, were those fiends who share a U, the Red Skull, Dormammu and Ultron.

In fourth, with two votes, was the man who's not safe to be let loose with iron filings and a sheet of paper  - Magneto.

In third place, with five votes, was the that dastardly slayer of girlfriends; the Green Goblin.

Second, with twelve votes, was the man who has a lovely rockery - on his face - Thanos.

But the winner, with a mammoth twenty three votes and 51% of the poll, was Dr Victor Von Doom. I like to feel it in some way makes up for him having blown himself up in that university experiment all those years ago.

So, congratulations to Vic, and commiserations to our plucky losers. As always, thanks to all who voted and helped make this glamorous occasion the triumph it is.

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joe ackerman said...

Doom rules. pun entirely intended.