Sunday, 11 March 2012

Marvel's all-time greatest villain. Those who fall between the cracks - Poll Results!

First of all, a big thanks to Booksteve, over at Super I.T.C.H, for linking to my Herb Trimpe all-time Top Ten Hulk Covers post. Thanks to such sterling efforts, that post's become a runaway success and is already challenging John Romita's all-time Top Ten Spidey Covers for most viewed post of the week.

But now, on with the breathtaking action that awaits us, as I'm proud to announce the results are in from our poll to discover just who is Marvel's greatest super-villain who fell between the cracks of our other polls.

With so many fiends to choose from it was as hotly contested as you'd expect; and joint 5th, with one vote each, were Mephisto, Baron Zemo, Maximus the Mad, the Abomination and Dracula.

In 4th place, with two votes, was that man who never hesitates to get stuck in - Paste Pot Pete.

In joint 2nd, with three votes each, were the Yellow Claw and Doc Ock.

But the grand winner, with five votes, was that lovely man who just wants a bit of peace and quiet for us all - Thanos.

So, at last it can be officially confirmed that Paste Pot Pete is a greater super-villain than Mephisto, Dracula and the Abomination. How could anyone ever have doubted it?

As always, thanks to all who voted, and a big congratulations to our winner.


cerebus660 said...

Steve, Thanos doesn't want your congratulations or your award. All he wants is to bring the gift of death to the universe.

And maybe some moisturiser...

Boston Bill said...

Here's where DC actually trumps Marvel: they don't have an ultimate Super villain at the top of the chain that's worthy of the title. Thanos always seems like a copy of Darkseid.

And who could be more Marvel than the alliterative Paste Pot Pete - a charming, if corny, Marvel baddie if there ever was one!