Saturday, 3 March 2012

March 1972. Forty years ago today.

Barely does the year seem to have started than we're into March already. March, of course, was named after the Roman God of War. I wonder if this means we might see our favourite heroes celebrating his month by indulging in a spot of fisticuffs?

Amazing Spider-Man #106, unmasked

Naughty old Professor Smythe's cunning plan to unmask our hero rumbles on.

Despite the title, no spiders were squashed during the making of this epic.

Avengers #97, Rick Jones gets super-powers

The Kree/Skrull War reaches its conclusion, as Rick Jones gets the super-powers that are rightfully mine
Captain America #147, Supreme Hydra unmasked

I don't recall anything about the contents of this story but my razor-sharp instincts tell me Captain America probably unmasks the Supreme Hydra.

My money's on it being either the Red Skull or Sharon Carter.
Conan the Barbarian #14, Conan meets Elric

Conan meets Elric of Wotsit.

I read this in Essential Conan, a few years back but, from what I recall, I'm not sure the combination worked too well.
Daredevil #85, the Gladiator

I'm definitely going to have to get the appropriate volume of Essential Daredevil, so that one day I'll actually know what's going on inside his comics.
Fantastic Four #120, Airwalker

No such problems with this one as Galactus' latest herald shows up to give the Fantastic Four some grief.
Incredible Hulk #149, the Inheritor

One of my Hulk faves, when the green giant finds himself up against one of the High Evolutionary's cast-offs.

But just what is The Inheritor's secret?
Thor #197, Mangog, John Romita

Mangog's back, as John Romita gives us a suitably dramatic cover.
Iron Man #45, student protesters

I have no idea what happens in this tale but I do know I wrote a post about its cover once.

And here it is.


Mentor said...

Actually, the Supreme Hydra turned out to be Kingpins son Richard Fisk aka "The Schemer".

Steve W. said...

Children, they can be such a trial for their parents.

Kid said...

If only comic covers today were as interesting, perhaps they'd sell more.

Paul D Brazill said...

I think you'll find that Conan takes on Eric Of Marylebone. A used car dealer, I think.

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