Monday, 6 December 2010

The Department of Pointless Questions. Spidey speechless results.

The Lizard closes in on Spider-Man as
surely as cerebus closed in on that No-
Well, my latest feature's been a runaway success and I'm proud to announce we have our first winner; cerebus660, who correctly guessed that the issue of The Amazing Spider-Man where Stan Lee left a bunch of speech balloons blank in order that we could do his work for him have fun filling them in for ourselves was Amazing Spider-Man #45, featuring the larcenous Lizard and the Connors family.

All of which means that, after a lot of work, cerebus wins, well, nothing, as opposed to the National Lottery where, in exchange for doing nothing, one can win millions. The Department of Pointless Questions; no wonder it's the quiz they're all talking about.

For those who're curious, you can find the original question here. Well done, cerebus.