Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Department of Pointless Questions. The Avengers play, "Spot the Difference."

Marvel UK's Avengers #79, spot the difference
As many of us know, Marvel UK's Avengers comic was a fine and wonderful thing that gave us not just reprints of the Avengers tales but also Dr Strange and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu - not to mention the odd bit of Iron Fist and Conan the Barbarian.

But, for whatever reason, they didn't always reprint their stories in the right order. Issue #79's a perfect example of the problems such a policy could cause.

I didn't initially notice it when I reviewed the original version of this comic a bit back but there's been a change made to the cover to make it acceptable to a British audience. So, the question is can those eagle-eyes of yours spot just what that alteration is? And no I'm not talking about them having changed the price to pence.


Kid said...

It was obvious that THOR wasn't quite right - something about the boots and cape - and no hammer. So I looked up "The Avengers" section on "The Daily Cover" and noticed that he was originally the VISION. Do I get a prize? Huh? Huh?

Steve said...

You do get a prize (well, a No-Prize, as that's all I can afford).

Looking at the covers, on GCD, it's obvious Marvel UK published the story before they'd published the Vision's debut story and so, to avoid confusion, had redrawn him on the cover as Thor. I'd love to see inside the comic and find out if they did the same in the story itself. Bearing in mind that the tale starts with the Panther recharging the Vision's solar batteries, I'd love to see how Marvel UK managed to pull that off by pretending it was Thor.

As well as the coveted Steve Does Comics No-Prize, you go joint top of our league table.

Kid said...

Hurrah! Life is good.

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