Sunday, 19 December 2010

Name That Character Issue #3. Results.

Congratulations to the Groovy Agent on winning the latest round of the Internet's thrillingest quiz. He correctly surmised that our mystery character was none other than the surprisingly memorable Bouncing Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Agent's site - Diversions of the Groovy Kind - was one of the ones that first got me fired up enough to launch a blog of my own, and I had several enjoyable minutes yesterday reading his reminiscences of his days as one of Marvel's top cover artists in the 1970s. Admittedly, right that the end of the article I finally cottoned on that the piece was actually written by Rich Buckler but, still, I enjoyed it anyway.

So, congratulations, Groove. From now on, to me at least, you will always be that man who used to draw the Mighty World of Marvel covers in the 70s.

Following his pulse-pounding triumph, the Groovester goes joint top of our league table, alongside cerebus660 and TomO.

For those who'd like to see it, the original post with the question in it can be found right here.

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