Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Department of Pointless Questions: Results. Apeslayer. A Rose by any other name.

Planet of the Apes, Marvel UK, Apeslayer/Killraven
Well done to (c)The Stardust Kid 2010 on correctly remembering that, in the Marvel UK Killraven/Planet of the Apes mash-up that was Apeslayer, the unfortunate Carmilla Frost found herself renamed San Simian. Well done to me too. The question's already had just under a hundred page-views in the few hours since it was posted, making it already the site's most viewed post of the week and knocking at the door of the site's all-time Top Ten. Who'd have thought there was such love for Apeslayer out there?

Like just about everyone else on the Internet, it seems, The Stardust Kid goes joint top of our Department of Pointless Questions Leaderboard.

For those of a curious bent, the original question can be found here.

PS. Don't forget to vote in our Apeslayer v Killraven poll. You never know, with all those Martians and speaking apes around, the future survival of humanity might depend on it.


cerebus660 said...

That name's strangely similar to Sam Simeon from DC's Angel And The Ape.....

Steve said...

I'm now tempted to launch a poll; "Who'd win a fight between San Simian and Sam Simeon?" This is how sad I am. Fortunately, I'm courageously fighting off the urge.

For now.

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