Thursday, 2 December 2010

Of women, thrones and first appearances

Hela, goddess of death. The eyes - don't look at the eyes.
Sadly, thanks to matters in the real world, including me having had to dig my way out of snow and ice, I don't have time for a full post today but, on this day when FIFA have revealed who'll be hosting the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, it's time to reveal the results of an even more important voting process, with the results of our latest set of polls.

In a process less transparent and even more open to strange practices than that other one, I can announce that Qatar is the most popular female in Thor's world and also would make a better job of running Asgard than Odin.

Oh, no, hold on a minute, that's not right. I opened the wrong envelope. Instead, I can announce that Hela is our favourite Thor female, with six votes, Sif's second with three, and Karnilla came third with one. Poor old Jane Foster didn't manage a single vote - and after all that good work she did for all those years, fobbing off Don Blake's patients while he was away in Asgard for months on end.

In our Who'd Make A Worse Job Of Running Asgard? poll, I can reveal it's a draw, with one vote for Loki, one for Odin and five votes for, "It's a draw."

In our Which Silver Age Marvel Character Has The Best Debut Story? poll, Spider-Man's top with five votes, the Fantastic Four are second with three. Perhaps surprisingly Nick Fury's third with two votes, and Thor and Dr Strange have one each. The X-Men, Avengers and Incredible Hulk failed to score, which is a shame as I've always had a liking for the Avengers' origin. Despite what it said in the Hulk cartoon theme tune, that story proved that the Hulk is indeed a monster clown.

Still, what can you do? The people of the Internet have spoken. So, thanks to all who voted. It's just a shame the polls are anonymous, so we'll never know who voted for what. Then again, if you want to claim your votes you can always do so by using the comments form for this post. It'd be interesting to hear how people voted and why.

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cerebus660 said...

Hi Steve! For the record I voted thusly:

Hela - Hell yeah!
"It's a draw"
Best debut - FF, but Spidey would have been a close second

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