Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Name That Character. Because you the reader demanded it!

In the endless quest to bring ever more excitement to Steve Does Comics, it's time for our latest feature; Name That Character, in which I give a clue relating to a comic book character of the Bronze or Silver Age, and the first person to guess who I have in mind wins a great big handful of Steve Does Comics Nothingness. Remember, Steve Does Comics Nothingness isn't like other Nothingnesses you may have seen on the market.   There's less of it.

With every day the answer remains un-guessed, I'll give another clue as to that character's ID until someone wins. As I get easily bored, I suspect that, by day three, the clues'll be getting so easy they'll be an insult to even my intelligence.

So, Clue Number 1.
I'll bet she's just glad her parents didn't christen her, "Salt Shakers."


TomO. said...

I'll go for the obvious answer first...Pepper Potts?

Steve said...

Yes. It is. Congratulations, Tom, you're the first ever winner.

TomO. said...

I may not have demanded that you run this contest, but I darn well demanded to be the winner!

I shall take my official Steve Does Comics nothingness prize and do, well...nothing with it, I suppose. That seems appropriate.


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